Monday, January 26, 2009

Seth's Pinewood Derby!!!!

Well this is supposed to be a post about Seth's derby race, but I had these two pictures of Mike during the minus temps we had a week or so back. And since we never see Mike in a jacket let alone, his big old down jacket, I had to post this!

Shot of the outside with all that snow!!!

Okay here are the cars in Seth's second race all lined up. His is the silver shark car in the second row!

Here is Seth starting the race because he was the first car in the row!

Here are the cars racing down the track! His came in second this time around.


Mom and Seth loving each other

Daddy pinning on Seth's bobcat he had just earned!

Seth pinning on the bobcat medal on his daddy.

He had a great day!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Am Sorry- Me

Okay, so I think I owe myself an apology.

For the last 14 some years I have been embarrassed and ashamed that I was so near a degree in humanities. Not that I was so close to a degree and never finished, although that is pretty embarrassing, but because I was actually getting a degree in humanities. Whenever someone would ask me what I had studied in school, I would mutter something about being a humanities major and then quickly try and explain, that I was young when I chose it, that I wasn't really thinking about my future, that it was a silly choice and if I could go back and change things I would.

And since, I decided to go back and finish my degree, my attitude about that degree hadn't changed much. Until this week.

I am now realizing once again why I chose the major that I did.

I love it! I am so enjoying my history and humanities classes. My biggest struggle right now is drawing boundaries for myself so that I don't get so involved in my school work that I am neglecting what must come first. At first I thought it was a time management issue, but it isn't, I am just really enjoying my study time and re-learning some of the things I had forgotten.

So from this point on, I will not be ashamed of my education!

I will be proud!

And when people ask me what I am going to do with my humanities degree, and they will ask, I will tell them......well, I don't know what I will tell them, but I am a humanities major, I am sure I will come up with something creative!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Guitar Hero

Mike and Kylee have been having a little guitar hero battle the last couple of days. Kylee has won every round.

Mike is a little frustrated.

They are playing right now.

Kylee just won again. While he was jumping up and down and shouting, "No! No! No!"

Kylee said:

"What's wrong you can't beat a little girl? hehehe"

Ah, smack talk, where did she learn that??


School Stuff

Well, I made it through my first week of school. And I am only slightly over whelmed.

I think I made a good choice with the classes that I am taking this semester. The humanities class seems a bit intense, but the teacher also seems like the kind that will be fair, especially if you are trying and showing a lot of interest.

My history teacher seems....removed. He doesn't even seem like a person. Just seems like he threw some stuff up on the website and is done. Doesn't really seem to want to get involved personally. But one really cool thing about my his. class is that it starts off in 17th century Europe which is about where we are at home! The kids are just about a week behind my history! So not only am I getting the benefit of learning and finishing my degree, I am also preparing for what the kids will be learning in the coming week. Pretty cool!

So I am trying to stay ahead of my week, tonight, while Faith is at student group, I am going to head to Starbucks and work on the rest of the reading assignment for history and the discussion question I have to post for this week, then I will only have the hum. class to worry about. Yeah, I know, Mike said I am that old person everyone hates in class, luckily it is an online class so there are a lot of me in the class, I think.

Also, loving my new MacBook. Really is helping with organization and keeping my stuff together.

Also Faith started blogging this week, so check out her blog for an update and give her some encouragement!!