Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Okay, I admit it, Facebook is taking over. It is just so easy to post pictures and stuff, it seems that my blog has become neglected. I will try and catch up a bit.

This last month seems like a blur. Christmas eve eve service at the Orchard was AWESOME!! Mike's team did such an incredible job. Loved being there with my extended Mitchell family and getting to see all of them.

Christmas morning was so much fun, the kids opened the gifts from Santa, and Nana and Papa, granny and papa, aunts and uncles. Mike surprised me with my new-to-me Macbook! I love her and am quickly becoming a Mac addict. Then we packed up and were off for three days, two nights in Gurnee, Il!!! We went to Key Lime Cove a brand new indoor water park there and had such a great time. This is our second year skipping gifts for the kids and doing a trip instead. The kids had a blast and so did we. It was so cool to spend individual time with each kid and just relax as a family.

We came home on Saturday night and Mike and I left on Sunday evening for a fabulous anniversary over night in Chicago. Mike planned the whole thing and wouldn't tell me a thing till we were almost there. He booked a night stay at the Hyatt in Chicago on the magnificent mile and we had dinner at Aria, same as last year. We loved it so much last year and it doesn't disappoint. We had a great time. Next morning we went to our favorite Lou Mitchells for breakfast and gorged ourselves on some delicious fresh baked doughnuts, omelet and potatoes. Yum!!!

And today, Mike goes back to work and I pack away Christmas.

That about does it. I will try and give the blog equal opportunity, although with school starting for me and the kids I am afraid the blog maybe put on hold till I am done....Maybe go down to monthly updates. Don't know yet.

Here is a video from the waterpark, off of Kylee's new camcorder. I snagged it and took this priceless video. Things to look for in it- sneaky guy who appears in everyone's frame, a sharing moment, and mommy attempting to duplicate Kylee's sign off. Enjoy!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Okay I admit it, facebook is taking over. It is just so much easier than blogging. I am ashamed.

I just posted a ton of pictures of our fun cooking decorating time together with Ms. Jen and Mr. Brad. But I will post them here too, for all of you who are not on facebook yet.

Ms. Jen set up a great assembly line with rollers, flatners, and sprinklers.

Like a fine oiled machine.

Then came the rice crispy treat houses! Yummy! Much better tasting than ginger bread houses and much, much easier to work with!

Kylee's finished house!

Seth asked Mr. Brad to help him with his house. This house had everything from a car port with a monster truck, to a satellite dish up on the roof top.

Here is the completed creation. It was very, creative.

Daddy and Joshi worked together on their winter wonderland.

Great job guys!

Faith worked alone. She did a great job. Love the logs on the side of the house!

Putting on the final touches on the roof.

And of course, Jasmine was ready and available to lick the frosting off of any one's hands when they were done!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Decorating Party 2008

Last night was our annual Christmas decoration party. The kids each got to choose a snack for dinner, we ate and decorated, then took silly pictures by the tree.

Mike sent out an invitation by email to the kids, which they all loved, that included the menu for the night, it had been top secret up till that point.

I know you are all just dying to know what the was on the menu. Taquitos, bagel pizza bites, potatoe skins, nachos, swedish fish, and rice crispy treats. Very healthy dinner!

Here are some more pictures. Couldn't decide if I liked the flash on or off, probably should do some photo editing.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Photo Essay

So, when I got up Thanksgiving morning, I decided I was going to document our day in photos the best I could. I tend to start out with good intentions, bring the camera but then never take it out of it's case. This became very evident when Todd passed away and all of the holidays and vacations our families spent together were left just to our memories, because we forgot to take pictures! Pick up the camera people and take pictures of today!!!!! I did a little better this year. So here it goes. Enjoy!!

Faith and her dog intently watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Kylee and Seth intently watching the parade.

Josh, intently watching the parade.

Daddy, still in bed. Yeah, I am probably going to be in trouble for this :)

Monkey Bread!!!!!!

Jasmine, waiting for daddy to get up.

Mike making eggs to go with our monkey bread. I tried to get him to take a serious picture, but not so much.

Kylee and I making cranberry relish, with the Magic Bullet. And when you use the Magic Bullet you must always do the info-mercial that goes along with it.

Got to the Mitchell's house and was greeted by a huge hairy spider!! I think I have grandma Jo to thank for that :)

Paula busy at the sink in preparation for our big meal.

Seth and Jackson playing some Playstation before dinner.

Jackson and Seth deep in conversation during our feast!

Our family eating. Man we missed Todd. I think we all made a choice to focus on what we were grateful, thankful for this day, but there was definitely a big Todd sized void.

Joshi chowing down!

Josh and Sam clinking cups of apple cider.

Faith and I posing for a picture.

Mike and I posing for a picture.

Kylee posing for a picture during dinner. How did I miss the hat at dinner???

Mike, our wine steward.

Then after dinner was over Mike took my kids home and P.'s mom took her kids home and we got to work on the ads. As you can see it is very hard work.

Paula, also busy at work.

We wanted a picture together but we were alone so here is our attempt.

And here I am after a couple hours of sleep at, 3:30 in the morning, ready to depart with our ads!

That is it, I wasn't about to leave my camera in the car while we shopped, but there is a camera phone picture out there somewhere of me in a Shiatsu chair enjoying a free message at one of the stores :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!