Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Fun

Recently found this movie theater in the area that has free kid movies every Saturday at 10 and 11 a.m.! They are older movies but since our dollar theater went away we have been seriously missing the movie theater experience, and you really can't beat free! So Paula and I took the kids (minus Kylee because she is in Michigan with friends this weekend) to see the Pirates who Don't Do Anything and then we took them to Philips park to run off their popcorn.

I wanted to snap some pictures of the kids while they played. Not very good with action yet. Seth was thinking he was a squirrel and was on a mission to find as many nuts as he could. He left them as an offering at a hole that he was sure was a squirrel hole.

It wasn't too hard to get a good picture of Joshi and Sam. They were pretty willing subjects.

What great friends!

Adorable! Luke was good for a pose or two. Why is he so cute?

All three boys moving across the playground. Too cute!

Yes, Seth is a ham. I liked this picture because of the green in the background and his shirt, he was almost camouflaged!

Jackson was being elusive, so all my pictures I had to sneak. He was probably running from me in this picture. Shh don't tell him I took it, he will be really mad at me!

And our only girl who kept everyone in bounds. She is our helper and I don't know what we would do without her most days! What cracks me up is that she had the most skin exposed and got no bug bites while I came home sporting three giant swelling masses (one on my face). What's up with that?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mama Mia!

A friend of ours snapped this picture before we left for Mama Mia! the other night. Mike of course had to be silly and was doing his Doug Heffernin look. There was a slightly more serious picture. But I chose to post this one.

The play was hysterical. Loved it. I wonder if the movie could possibly be as good as the play.

The seats were awesome, never been that close to the stage before. The whole experience, where it was fun, was also kind of surreal, due to personal reasons.

It was awesome going to a play where I already knew half the music. The crowd had a totally different energy than any other play I had ever been to. They got a little rowdy.

And don't let Mike lie to you he was totally singing along to the ABBA songs!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Caddy and Pill

This is Caddy.

Faith found him this morning out on the patio.

She gave him, well, didn't really give him because she doesn't touch bugs, insects, or larvae of any kind, but showed him to her sister Kylee, who entrapped, I mean made a home for him in her butterfly habitat.

They had to know what kind of caterpillar he was. So thanks to the world wide web we were able to identify him as a black swallowtail caterpillar.

They love to eat dill which was very good information for Seth who desperately wanted his own caterpillar to imprison, I mean care for.

So armed with an empty yogurt container and the knowledge that they love dill he set off to find himself a new little friend as well.

He did succeed and now is the proud papa of a itty bitty black swallowtail caterpillar. His name is Pill.

Maybe if he lives through his forced incarceration, I mean luxury yogurt hotel, then we will photograph him as well.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tagged- 6 Random Things

My brother-in-law tagged me.

1. Post these rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 6 people at the end of you post (I’m making this optional to relieve any guilt, including my own for continuing this).
4. If you get tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag.
5. If you don’t do it, I will be crushed emotionally and will probably never recover from the rejection. Okay, maybe I will.

So here it goes. Six random things about myself.

1) I like mayonnaise on my french fries not ketchup.

2) I love to read but have no patience for unimportant details in a book and will skip pages to avoid them.

3) If I am going to wear open toed shoes my toe nails must be painted. No chips or cracks!

4) I love the smell of my little boys when they have been playing outside.

5) I joined the tennis team in high school not because I was good at it (because I really, really wasn't) but because I really liked the little tennis skirts.

6) Since taking typing in high school, I type constantly. Like when I am watching a movie, I will type lines over and over again on my leg. OCD? Maybe.

And one more just because I like the number seven more than 6. (That fact kind of makes it eight though doesn't it?)

7) I love to throw things away. It actually gives me pleasure. Sometimes I get in trouble for accidentally throwing away important stuff, like car titles. OOPS!!!

Let's see I need to try and tag people that I have not seen this on their blogs, okay how about, Mike, Mandy D., Mandy C., Leeanne, Jen b, and I would love to tag Renee but she did it only a bit ago so I won't make her do it again.


Wow! What a Gorgeous Day!

79 degrees. The kids are all playing. Girls down the street, boys in back yard. It's really quiet. I am trying to motivate myself to go and do some MUCH needed yard work. But just haven't cared much lately.

This week was super busy. Mike was away at Innovate '08 so the kids and I were on our own Wednesday afternoon-Friday evening. I never like it when Mike leaves. But this time seemed especially hard. Lots of reasons.

The kids and I got to go and take care of Paula, her mom and the boys on Thursday night. We made a ton of breakfast food for dinner and devoured it all. I am talking- a whole pan of sausage gravy, close to 20 home made biscuits, 28 pancakes, 10 eggs scrambled, one tray of lemon bars.

We definitely made a dent in it! There is nothing like comfort food and good friends.

Then Friday we finished up our school week, weekly cleaning of the house, went to the library, and music and then to a friends house to help with some moving stuff. Got home just in time to greet Mike at the door at 7:30.

Popped pop corn, cracked open some movie candy, and watched Bee movie as a family.

Slept great for the first time in a few nights last night!

Tonight, Mike and I have been blessed with some tickets to Mama Mia. Long story about the tickets, but lots of mixed feelings. Definitely excited about spending the evening with Mike.

To the person who gave us the tickets, you know we love you, and are going to have a good time in your honor.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just a Few More Credits

So I talked to someone at the registrar's office yesterday at NAU because there was some confusion as to whether or not I needed to send my transcripts from the community college I attended prior to NAU. since they had them at one time, I wasn't sure if they needed them again.

Any ways, the women said yes, and she pulled up my transcripts while she was talking to me and then she gasped.

Never a good sign.

She said,"You almost graduated."

I said, "I know, I was close but then had to move because I got married and when I transferred my stuff to ASU they didn't accept my major work, so I had to start all over again. I have three more semesters of work at ASU on top of what I did at NAU."

She said," You mean to tell me you have three more semesters of work? You may only have a class or two before you have your degree!"

Now, I realize she isn't a counselor but I knew I was close to graduating when I left NAU it just felt good to hear someone else acknowledge it.

That is when I decided that if a counselor takes a look at my stuff and says that I only have a couple of classes to get my BA in Humanities I think I should just go for that. That scares me to death. I am not sure I can jump right into all that again.

I wonder if I could double major and go for the Early Childhood education stuff also?

This is getting exciting!



Joshi: Mom did you know that men that were pastors ( pronounced past-ores) in the middle ages were called monks?

Mom: Oh, very interesting.

Joshi: And the women were called nothing.

Mom: What?

Joshi: Yeah, they were called nothings.

Mom: Oh, do you mean nuns?

Joshi: Yeah that's it!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quiet Please!

One of the books that the kids had to read today, for life in the middle ages, talked about monks and how sometimes groups of them would take on the job of praying for everyone else. They believed that if they didn't speak they would gain wisdom through silence.

The book challenged the kids to stay silent for as long as they could. To use a pencil and write down what they needed to say.

So it was a somewhat quiet morning. The girls actually did better than the boys. But by lunch everyone except Faith had given up on their vow of silence. Although, Faith was writing so much that I made the point that she wasn't really being silent. Just because she wasn't using words she was still non-stop talking on paper!

Exasperated, she gave up and declared that she just had too much to say.

So much for wisdom through silence.


Monday, September 15, 2008


Wow, so the kids down the street called this morning because they wanted to play.

Their school was canceled because of flooding.

I don't know where the flooding occurred that canceled their school. The school is just down the street from my house and nothing in my area looks flooded.

My kid's school was definitely not canceled because of flooding.

I think they were a little sad about that.

Now, yesterday, the second service at the Orchard was canceled because the streets all around it were being closed because of flooding. It is right next to the Fox River, so that I understand.

Fortunately, I got to spend the day with Paula and the boys on Saturday and we all went to church together Saturday night so we didn't miss out!! It was a great service!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

College Part 3

I woke up this morning with this nagging feeling.

I kept thinking about that NAU application that I filled out and never submitted. I said it was the 25 dollar entrance fee that was holding me back.

That was a lie.

I couldn't figure out what it was that was holding me back.

I am really busy.

That was a good excuse.

But am I so busy I don't have time for self improvement, to finish something I started.


Well, I think one of the real reasons I was so reluctant to apply to this college was the whole Humanities degree. I loved humanities, when I was in college. I still love literature and art, music, and history, I just don't think I want a degree in it.

I woke up this morning with the idea that maybe NAU also offers an early childhood education degree on line. That is something I have pretty much dedicated my life to up to this point. And I have often thought that once my kids no longer need me to home school them it would be a shame that I couldn't share my experience or knowledge with someone else just because I don't have an official degree in it. Also, I took classes geared toward education while I was at NAU and ASU because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the humanities degree. I figured I would teach. So I am hoping some of those classes would go towards it as well.

And lastly, I have for a long time, been interested in a degree in social work or counseling, and am thinking maybe I could get a masters in social work once I have my BAS?

Don't know haven't looked that far into it yet.

But I did it!! I filled out the rest of the application and applied to NAU for their spring quarter as an online student!

We will have to see what they come back with. I did see that one of the requirements for the early childhood degree was an AA. I had all the credits for it when I left MCC but never applied for it :(

I think that was one of those cocky young adult moves, "I don't need an AA, I am going to get my BA!"

Ha! Oh well, if hindsight were foresight. Can you apply for an AA years after you completed the work?

So I am hoping maybe I will hear something this week.

Pray that God will bless it and give me direction.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is There a Puppy In Your Shirt?

Here is something you don't see in school everyday.

Yes, the puppy is in her sweatshirt.

Yes, she is doing her history reading assignment.

In her defense the weather has taken a cold turn the last few days and the mornings have been quite chilly.

Cold enough to put a puppy in your sweat shirt?

You decide.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of Fall School 2008

True to form yesterday, being Monday, and the first day of our full fall schedule was a tad hectic.

I knew it would be.

Maybe that is why it was.

Today has been smoother.

This year has the added challenge of Joshi being in 1st grade. Just a little more work on my part.

Faith told me yesterday she was glad we were back to our full schedule. I love hearing that.

Snapped these pictures as the kids were doing their work.



Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mike and the Lady

Mike was so tired of the sad pictures we have been taking with our lame camera, he finally bought me a new one. And not just any new one, but a nice one. I love it!!

I have been having so much fun playing with it. Mike has posted some of our fun pictures here and here.

This is one of my favorites. I love making Mike pose. He is just so adorable! But this picture is a favorite of mine. I know he didn't love it. But I love the lady, and of course, Mike is gorgeous so it is just a special picture.

I will be able to post a ton more pictures now that I have a good camera to work with. Maybe I need to go back and take some more photography classes....


Move Over Ulrich

This is Joshi playing his new DRUMS!!!!

During our time running back and forth from the hospital with Todd we had lots of great friends help us out with the kids. I will never be able to thank these friends enough. They were a blessing to our lives. They allowed us to be with Paula and with our friend till the end.

One of the nights we weren't expecting to go back to the hospital, we had just returned home from the hospital, when we got the call that Todd had been air lifted to a hospital in Chicago. Mike and I, of course, wanted to meet Paula there, so we called Ms. Jen up and asked her if maybe her and her boyfriend Mr. Brad would come and stay with the kids, we didn't know how late we would be. They came, no questions asked, just came. What a blessing.

We got home really late, don't remember even what time it was but it was late, or early however you want to look at it.

The next morning Joshi jumped out of bed ran into our room and announced that he was going to buy Mr. brad's drums.


I asked him to tell me what he was talking about. He told me that he told Mr. Brad that he wanted to buy drums and Mr. Brad told him he had drums for sale.

One thing led to another and the next thing you know Joshi had offered to buy Mr. Brad's drums.

For four dollars.

Because Jen and Brad are so sweet they didn't tell him, that wasn't enough money, just that he was almost there.

In his mind, he was really almost there. He began telling everyone he was buying Mr. Brad's drums.

Well, last week Mr. Brad called Mike and was so excited, he found an old set of drums for Joshi!!

Mike came home and told Joshi that Mr. Brad had found him a set of drums!!! Then he told him he would have to pay for them though.

Joshi looked at Mike and said,"you will have to help me...." when Mike said,"they are four dollars!"

Joshi screamed,"Hey, I have four dollars!!!"

Very excited.

He loves his new drums. He thinks they are the best things ever.

I just thank God for the sweet people in our lives that love our kids, love us, and continually bless us.

Thanks friends!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fixed Hour of Prayer

So if you go to the Orchard you know what I am talking about.

But if not, here is the deal. All of us at the Orchard are participating in a week of fixed hour of prayer. Three times a day we are getting twitter updates to remind us to pray. Then you can go to the Orchard blog and read the prayer for that particular time. This is just a powerful tool. Not something you have to do, but something you can choose to do to bring you closer to the One who made you.

With all that has been going on around here, I didn't' realize how much I needed this. These last weeks have brought lots to talking with God. I talk to God all day. Sometimes I think he may get tired of my voice. But I admit that praying scripture isn't something that I do often. I have always worried that for me that would be unauthentic.

Let me tell you, it is rocking my world! I am sure there are lots of ways to look at these scriptures and the prayers that are so beautifully written around them, but they seem to be just what I need this week. Somehow they are saying exactly what my heart feels.

Here is the afternoon prayer, that I read about three times out loud, because it so clearly defined what I am feeling right now. But if you want to participate, sign up with Twitter, or just check out the prayers here morning, noon and night. You won't be sorry you did.

I am grateful. I am peaceful in the midst of turmoil. Praise God.


Caridee Update

I received an update this morning from my brother-in-law that Baby Caridee is doing much better.

The doctors and nurses are all amazed and can't understand why the kidney issue has apparently cleared up on it's own.

She was moved up to a low level NICU and her parents are right by her side now!

Praise God!

Thanks for your prayers and please continue to pray for her and her parents.

Also, for those who are praying for my mom and dad, mom is in the hospital but came through the procedure well. Hopefully all the infection was cleaned out and she will be able to go home by this weekend.


This Is Greer

Well it isn't Greer, it is a cabin in Greer. And every year, from the beginning of our marriage until we moved away from Arizona, Mike's family would rent a giant cabin in Greer and we would all spend Labor day weekend there. I think this picture was the last year we were there.

I miss that tradition. We always ate way too much, played lots of games, slept, laughed, and just hung out. It was fun.

So every year when Labor Day comes around Mike and I both kind of feel like we are missing something.

I think that is why Labor Day is such an important day for me to try and fill.

Yesterday we planned a cookout with Paula and the boys, Ms. Terri, Allison, and Ms. Paula's good friend from Kansas, Ms. Rachel. We made a ton of food, Mike grilled (great job honey!) and we all ate and hung out.

The kids played and played and played. And yesterday was hot (yea!) so we turned on the sprinklers which lasted about 10 minutes. Then the kids found the berry bushes. They discovered that when you rub those smashed berries on your legs, arms, face, chest, they look just like war wounds. Yeah, I think you can see where this is going.

It is a shame that I had the camera, but didn't take pictures of the kids and their mess.

Sorry about the front porch Paula :)

It was great being with friends, and just hanging out, but still miss Greer.

***Also I would like to apologize to my beautiful sister-in-law Stacey. I am sorry but this is the only Greer picture I could find that I had digitally. Sorry about the old girlfriend in there. I thought about photo shopping you in :)***