Monday, December 15, 2008

Okay I admit it, facebook is taking over. It is just so much easier than blogging. I am ashamed.

I just posted a ton of pictures of our fun cooking decorating time together with Ms. Jen and Mr. Brad. But I will post them here too, for all of you who are not on facebook yet.

Ms. Jen set up a great assembly line with rollers, flatners, and sprinklers.

Like a fine oiled machine.

Then came the rice crispy treat houses! Yummy! Much better tasting than ginger bread houses and much, much easier to work with!

Kylee's finished house!

Seth asked Mr. Brad to help him with his house. This house had everything from a car port with a monster truck, to a satellite dish up on the roof top.

Here is the completed creation. It was very, creative.

Daddy and Joshi worked together on their winter wonderland.

Great job guys!

Faith worked alone. She did a great job. Love the logs on the side of the house!

Putting on the final touches on the roof.

And of course, Jasmine was ready and available to lick the frosting off of any one's hands when they were done!


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Jennifer said...

Definitely one of my favorite things I've done this year!!