Monday, June 1, 2009

Am I Going To Regret This Later?

This is a question I seem to be asking myself a lot lately.

Ever since we said goodbye to our good friend Todd, this phrase has been running through my mind quite a bit.

It has made me more intentional in my decisions, and even made some decisions that would have, in the past, been quite difficult to make, a little easier.

For example, Mike going to Africa. When he came home and told me about the opportunity, my first reaction was not, "Awesome!! You should do it!!"

I wish it had been.

But that just isn't me. My first reaction when someone, especially Mike, tells me they are going to be leaving me for an extended time is never one of joy. I have all sorts of issues with loved ones traveling, that I have had to try and overcome throughout the years. I have to continually remind myself that I do not have a spirit of fear but of courage. I am getting better, but still not great at it.

So after Mike told me of this opportunity, I went through my usual thoughts of terror, and then I asked myself, "If he doesn't go, won't he, and you, regret that decision later?"

The answer was "Of course!!" If we wait for me to not to be scared, he will never go.

I am finding this question to be especially useful when it comes to dealing with relationships. We have a tendency to think we have lots of time to build and strengthen the relationships in our lives. But the reality is we don't really know what the future holds for us, who knows what tomorrow will look like.

So I would say that when it comes to spending time with your family and friends there are no excuses. Because let's face it, the economy will never be good enough, our jobs will never be less busy, life will never be less hectic, the kids will never be old enough, on and on and on...

And in the end, really, all this stuff, money, houses, cars, you name, just don't really amount to much of anything. Ask anyone who has lost a loved one. It just does not matter. But our relationships, the memories we make together as friends and families, with our loved ones, that is really what counts in the end.

Don't wait. Live with no regrets.



Renee said...

Kristen this is so true! All that will last is that which is eternal:) One of the principles we base our family on:

PEOPLE are more important than THINGS! Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart.

Mandy Devine said...

Awesome Kristen! So true... Thanks for the reminder : )

Anonymous said...

Dear Beautiful Friend,

You are so brave and wise! First, brave of you to encourage him to go (always behind him, I know, despite your fears) and then brave to share your heart in this way to well, hmmm, everyone who reads! Wisdom for putting your husband and this amazing opportunity first--wisdom for sharing your fears and growing through it.
You're the real deal, girlfriend. That is what I love, have always loved about you. You are so real. I know that this is not about my Todd, but it amazes me how much God has used his death AND LIFE to help us learn and grow and change and stretch and reach for Him and each other!!

By the way, no doubt if Todd were here he would have encouraged you both during the Uganda trip. But you both were awesome, because just like always, you and Mike are an amazing team.

Keep asking...

Love you guys so much,