Thursday, August 26, 2010


This journey we are all on is an unpredictable one.

I am finding this statement to be more and more true as the days go by.

If we think we are in control, even for a second, we are fooling ourselves.

Another true statement.

For about the last six months Mike and I have been wrestling with God. He wanted us to step out, make a change and trust Him.

We were comfortable.

We were fighting Him, because the change He wanted would take us out of our comfort zone. It would mess up our plans and make us rely more on Him.

We were miserable.

Miserable because when you fight God's will, you WILL feel conflicted.

You will feel unsatisfied.

You will feel discontented.

And until you give in and listen to Him, those feelings will not go away.

This is where Mike and I found ourselves about six months ago. After several months of not understanding these feelings we finally gave in and told God we would listen and obey.

He moved quickly.

Once we agreed to follow His will, there was peace where there was conflict.

There was satisfaction.

There was contentment.

Even in the midst of the change, which is heartbreaking, overwhelming, and scary there was this amazing amount of calm.

Now as we find ourselves leaving our friends (who are really our family) we are sad but hopeful. We will miss The Orchard, the people who have loved us, and those who have worked with us in ministering to God's people. Those people will be in our hearts forever. We are not just friends but so much more and distance can not destroy that.

Even though we are sad to leave what has been our home for the last five years, we look forward to what awaits us on the next leg of the journey.



Mandy Devine said...

Awsome Kristen! We look forward to hearing more about what God is doing in and through you guys in this new part of your journey : )

Renee Lewis said...

Hey sweetie! Been thinking of and praying for you all week!! Your words are so true! I can't wait to see how God is glorified through your families obedience!!

LOVE hearing about your journey. I hope you continue to post on this blog (or a new one) you have so much to share my friend!!

Fabulous watching your family throw out the possible(What we can do through ourselves)
and trust God for the Impossible!!

No doubt you will have countless people praying for you along the way!
LOVE to the Jones Family!
Enjoy the Adventure!