Saturday, November 15, 2008

Feed My Starving Children

We ended our school week this last week with a trip to Feed My Starving Children. It was great! The kids loved helping to fill the food bags with the nutritious food mix and they did such a great job!!

Joshi loved his hair net. Well, they all, except Faith, loved their hair nets. They really thought daddy needed one on his chin.

We had 86 people in our group and we packed a total of 90 boxes! The lady said that was enough food to feed 56 kids for one year! Amazing. Such an easy thing to do and it makes such a huge impact. We will definitely be putting it on our family calendar to do once a month, at least.

After we were done packing food, they had some of the food, that we had just packed, prepared for the kids to try. Seth devoured his and said,"Mom this is sooo good!! Can you make it at home?"

At first I thought, maybe he shouldn't like it so much.

I wanted him understand how desperate the situation was.

That these children are starving to DEATH and they will eat whatever, it is a matter of survival.
But then I realized, he had spent time and energy packing this food for these children who desperately needed it. Not only were these kids getting nutritious food that would help them survive and grow, but it actually tastes good too? How cool is that! He was really happy to have helped these kids and know that it wasn't some nasty concoction, but something that was yummy! What a cool kid!



Renee said...

Great story!! It is hard to find places that will allow young children to Volunteer! We have volunteered at the Mooresville soup Kitchen and Christian Missions. They wouldn't let the kids serve food so we came in on a Saturday and cleaned out the Pantry. With another group of families we cleaned the entire building!! Sarah wanted so badly to work at the Operation Christmas Child Districution center this year. You have to be 12. Even though she only has 8 months to go we decided to follow the o maybe next year!!
Glad your family is going places like this together. You are the bomb Kristen! Making great memories and turning hearts towards service. This was a great reminder for me that we need to schedule more activities like this for our family on a more consistantly,

Renee said...


Lisa Price said...

What an amazing story! So hard to find volunteer opportunities with tweens and young teens, so this looks like a great chance to serve.

Did you guys walk in or were you part of an organized group?

kristen said...

Lisa, we were part of a group of home schooler, but you can just walk in on certain evenings.

Personally the only part of the process I didn't enjoy was the scheduling. It was a little rigid and weird, so I think next time we will just do a walk in, in the evening, and see how that goes. The youth group is going soon, in January I think. Maybe we can find a date our families could "walk-in" together???

Anonymous said...


We'd love that! Evenings are better for us than days, too.


Aunt B said...

That is soooo cool. I checked their site to see if we had one here in Phoenix. No sutch luck. What a good thing for the kids to experience.