Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

What a beautiful Halloween day we had!!! Mike has been super busy lately so we took the day to catch up on some stuff that had to get done! We almost ran out of time for carving pumpkins, but scaled down our design at the last minute and got these out on the porch.

Punk rock girl, was sad it was too warm to wear the black leather coat that Ms. Karen lent her from her rocker days:(

Yeah, I said too warm. Do you think we have lived her too long when high 50's- 60's is too warm for a coat?

Kylee went with the old blow up polar bear costume. Always funny.

Seth is always the challenge. He wanted a scuba diver, so I made his costume. Not too hard. It turned out pretty cute.

Joshi also went with one of our old blow up costumes. He was pretty excited to be wearing the shark this year. Also, loved the fact that he was a shark and Seth was a scuba diver :)

Hope you all had a great night!!


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granny said...

Wow-Kristen, you did a great job! Love the air tank on the scubba diver and the flippers. Everyone looks wonderful. Faith-you actually really look good as a punk rocker-pink is one of your colors! Ky-I just want to hug you-so cute! Joshi-did you get a good bite? Seth-dive in, Honey!! You are all adorable!