Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catch Up

I can't possibly catch up on everything that has occurred in the last year, but here are some highlights.

We completed our first year at ROA and loved it! The teachers are so kind and I reaped the benefits of having other teachers speak into my kids lives, while I still got to be their main teacher.

Faith got her permit at 15 1/2 and then turned 16!! She now has her license and is cruising around town on her own. I about have a heart attack every time she leaves the house. Giving it back to God constantly :)

Faith is a junior this year! She is done with science, and has a packed year at school, but lots of great stuff, things that are preparing her for the directions she plans to take in her future.

She is taking fashion design illustration, and a 3 d design class as part of her fall schedule. The 3d design is a college class, so she spends from 9-4 on Fridays at the college. It will give her college credit, and until she is 18 all the classes at the community college are free!! Love this!!

Kylee is 14 and a freshman. Not the best year of high school, not as much freedom of choice, but she is doing Spanish and guitar which she loves. She is super gifted at both. She is also writing a children's book, which is fantastic. I mean really good. Good enough to be published...

Also, she is doing biology, and her special project this year is on apes, which if you know kylee you know she never went through the little-girl-love for horses, but did go through the less popular little-girl- love for monkeys. She is thinking she may like to work in a zoo someday. And we just happen to live near one of the nations top teaching zoos!! Praying about opportunities there.

Seth is almost 12 and is still the social butterfly of the group. Man, does this boy love to be around people. I mean he has a passion for people. He adores his life group leaders, and spends every moment he can with friends.

He is in 7 th grade and doing great. He reads like a maniac, and is also writing a book. He loves to surf.

Joshua is 10!!! Double digits. It's hard to believe the sweet little one, I used to hold in my arms, is 10 years old!!!

Josh is in fifth grade and has an amazing imagination. He is super sweet and is very passionate about everything he does. Which means he loves very passionately, and is also very passionate when he is angry. We are working on turning this into an amazing quality. Passionate people can be super powerful.  I know God is going to use this for His glory, and can't wait to see how He continues to shape him.

Mike has been the tech arts director here at the Church at Rocky Peak for two years now. We are currently leading a group of young marrieds in our life group, and love each of them! We love doing life with these people!

Mike is also starting school this week!! He is going to be studying to get his masters in theology. I'm so proud of him! I can't wait to see how this journey shapes him!

I'm just here trying to hold all these plates in the air!! I sometimes feel like everyone is spinning around me and I'm just trying to keep them all moving!

I would love to go back to get my masters in marriage and family therapy, but God told me "not right now", so I'm waiting. My girls being teenagers need me to be "here" more than ever, so that dream goes on the back burner until I get them more settled, then we shall see.

Okay, that's more than enough for now.


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Renee Lewis said...

I am praising God along with you for the wonderful journey he has your family on! God is so good and faithful to do even more than we ever hoped or imagined when our lives are completely surrendered to Him!
I enjoy eveything that you write and Love to hear all about each of you and what is going on in the Jones life.

We have an extremly old picture of your family on our fridge to remind us to pray for you. Josh is a baby in that picture! I need to print a new one from facebook :)

You are an awesome juggler. Your family is so blessed to have you and your reward is great!
Lord bless the precious Jones family. Unite and bind them together as they "Dwell in the shelter of the most High God" As their lives continue to move forward and require much of them give them continued rest in the beauty of your presence.
Much Love
Na Na