Thursday, September 20, 2012


This December will be Mike and my 18 year wedding anniversary. Last night I was thinking about our eighteen years together and decided I would write about some of our history together. I don't have a plan, I'm hoping that these entries will happen organically, one memory leading to another.

So, the first memory would have to be how we met.

We were both working at a place called Walker Datasource. We did telephone surveys, we didn't sell anything, honest!

We actually worked together for two years, but didn't often work on the same project, so we didn't really know each other.

Then one day I looked up from my desk and there was this gorgeous guy working in my area. I took one look at him, and realized he was WAY out of my league. And besides, I was dating someone else.

I had been dating this someone else for a year, and the relationship was in its death throws. I really wanted to be pampered, and I would often talk about it at work. It was at this point Mike and I began talking, and he was a BIG proponent of me ending this unhappy relationship.

I did.

Then I decided I was ready to date someone new, someone rich, I wanted my date to take me to a movie AND purchase the pop corn! Those were big expectations for a 19 year old!

Then one day Mike walked by my cubicle and threw a note down on my table. (Now, Mike and I disagree as to what the note said, but I remember it and am sure I'm right!)

It said, "Call me if you want to party"


He swears this didn't happen, but I promise you, it did.

Well, I did not call him, but I did give him my number and he used it at the most opportune time a few weeks later, right before my date with a new guy I had just met.

I was getting ready for this date when the phone rang. I answered it and it was Mike. I couldn't believe he had actually called me! I remember thinking it was strange that he would call me just an hour or so after we had gotten off work, and he knew I had a date and was trying to get ready to go out! I couldn't talk long, but, it did leave me thinking about him all through dinner with this other guy.

Needless to say that date ended early.

The next weekend my girl friend and I, who both thought Mike was pretty fantastic, went out all together. This is where Mike dropped the bombshell on me.

He told me he was a Christian.

I had never dated a Christian, and I was just about as far from God as you could get. As a matter of fact, I was pretty sure there was no such being.

My girl friend said I could have him when she found out this little tidbit.

I decided, I had dated guys who wore skirts, dyed everything black, wore make up, and rode motorcycles, maybe I'd try dating a Christian.

But I still wasn't sure he liked me in the same way.

It was around Christmas, and Mike was getting ready to go out of town. My friend and I had spent an evening with him and as we were driving home, he gave us both Christmas cards.

As soon as I got home I ripped mine open, and there was a novel written in this card! But nothing romantic, it just seemed friendly. So, I called Alicia and asked her what he had written in her card.

She said,"It says 'from Mike"'

That was when I knew he liked me.


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