Monday, September 24, 2012

Lemony Chicken

Back to the memories.

So the first few months of marriage were rough, but we figured things out and got into a groove. Then the most wonderful thing happened.

Mike got health insurance.

I really saw this as a sign that we should immediately start our family. I mean, paying for the birth is the big expense to a baby, right?

Well, it didn't take too much convincing and before we knew it we were blissfully expecting our first child.

Things were really looking up! We were enjoying each other again, really trying to love each other well, and God had blessed us with a child, and only in 8 months!!

And of course since we were so excited we told EVERYONE as soon as we found out.

We were really praising God for all the blessings.

Then I lost the baby.

I remember mostly feeling like God was punishing me. I had made quite a few mistakes prior to accepting Christ and felt like this was what I deserved. I was pretty sure I did not deserve to be that happy. (it took quite a few years before I truly got the concept of Romans 8:1)

So, I was depressed.

One evening, I came home from work and I went in my room and laid down on the bed. And when Mike got home from work, he found me in the dark room, crying.

He decided that he was going to make dinner that night, kissed me and set off for the kitchen.

I laid there listening to the kitchen noises through our small house, and began to feel a bit better. What a great, loving husband I had!!

After about an hour and a half, my sweet man walked into my room with a tray of food.

It looked delicious!

I asked him what he had made and he told me it was lemon chicken.


So I carefully cut off a piece of chicken and lifted it to my mouth. As I put the chicken in my mouth my lips puckered and I almost had to spit it out. It tasted as if I had just put an entire lemon in my mouth!

Poor Mike! He had tried to do a kind thing for his sad wife and it turned out to be completely inedible!

We ended up laughing about the terrible chicken and I found out he had literally squeezed several lemons and cooked the chicken in the lemon juice.

Laughter is healing and this was the beginning of our recovery, so I often think about that lemon chicken and smile.


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