Thursday, January 10, 2008

Six Down

Everyone in the house has been sick again. It seems like the last few years we have been so fortunate not to come down with every illness, so this must be our year.

Unfortunately Mike got it this time and almost lost his voice this last weekend. He was a trooper though and with some vocal help made it through the three services. I thought I was going to escape it completely seeing that i had been around it for over a week and it hadn't caught me. But at last, Tuesday I started feeling bad and here I am with the nasty cough and yuck. But at least I can get up and move unlike the last illness.

I think we have had our fair share this winter and should get a little break.

I also think this is the time my kids miss being school kids. Tuesday when Faith also woke up with a fever and feeling bad I gave her some meds., made her some hot tea, and handed her, her assignment sheet with her books. Man, I remember when I was in school just hoping for that fever so you could get a day off, all it does for my kids is change the location the work gets done.

Back to work!



Uncle Keith said...

What a slave driver!

I love it! Good job!

Mandy Devine said...

Hope you guys are feeling better. Sounds like you are dealing with the same thing we have been. Keith was sick first picked it up from a kid at the school his last week working there. Ella got it in the form of RSV - the respiratory virus - and ended up in the hospital getting fluids and breathing treatments. Then yes, after 10 days at home with Ella, I got it a few days ago...for adults its just a rough cold with a nasty cough and your voice comes and goes. Good thing is you don't feel nearly as bad as you sound. Anyway...I can feel for you! Hope that's the end of it for you guys this season.

mom/granny said...

Aaahhhh the joys of motherhood. I don't get sick near as often since my kids grew up and moved out!