Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stephanie's Bikini?

Faith's project for the day is to make hummus and pita bread. My good friend from Az gave me a hummus recipe and after writing down the ingredients I realized that I may have a problem finding one of the ingredients at the local grocery.

It calls for Sesame Tahini, so I got the number for the grocery store and gave them a call.

The lady picked up and I said, "Yes, I was wondering if you carry sesame tahini?"


Oh my.


"Oh, just a minute."

They ended up having it but the whole time Mike was in the background pretending to be on an intercome calling out,"Yes, will the customer Stephanie Bikini please come to customer service."

It was pretty funny.


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mom said...

I am just in awe that the store had it and I guess just a little jealous. Especially since most of the groceries here think that the only produce there is is greens-mustard greens, turnip greens, etc. Well, it has improved a little since I came, but it is still really lacking. Say, "sunchoke" and they look at you like you are a YANKY!!-Dread! I do have a precious friend from Germany who asked me where I was born and I said southern California and she said "so you are a southern girl" take that you Kentuckians!! I actually from further south than Kentucky!