Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oh Man!!!

I spent about an hour yesterday morning cutting down the cucumber and cutting back some of the herbs that had gone wild in the yard. In that hours time I didn't think about putting bug repellent on because it was morning and I just didn't think it was necessary.

I now have approximately 7 golf ball sized bites all over my limbs and one on my face. I have always reacted this way to bug bites. Once a pharmacist told my mom that I was not allergic to the bite it was most likely a reaction to the pesticides that the bug had come into contact with. Personally I don't really care what it is that I am allergic to I just really want them to go away. I have tried antihistamine pills and am rubbing antihistamine lotion into them. Any other ideas?

I feel like Will Smith from the movie Hitch when he eats the shell fish. Okay maybe it doesn't look that bad but in my mind it does.

Thanks bugs.


Keith said...

Where's the picture?! Come on, we gotta see this!

mom said...

two (2) words, Honey!! SKINNER SALVE-you need to get some-takes the itch out and makes the stuff go down and if you put it on a couple places on your body BEFORE going out-the bugs don't bite-I will try to bring it with me this weekend.