Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chicken a la Pharaoh

Wow! Who knew that mummifying a chicken would be so....messy.

We got up and got most of our other school work done. The kids had told their friends about the mummification about to happen and what do you know, the public schools had the day off yesterday. So at 1 o'clock when we decided to start our work on our Pharaoh, in came neighborhood friends. My four kids, plus three additional little girls, set to work mummifying dear Pharaoh.

We washed the "body" dried him inside and out and stuffed him and covered him with Rosemary and cinnamon.

Then I got out the Ziplock brand bags.

I need to stop here to say that I specifically bought name brand bags this one time thinking that they would be better, stronger than the store brand. Let me just say you won't see me on any commercials for Ziplock any time soon. We got the chicken in the bag with four containers of salt and right as I was about to zip up the bag, it ripped.

So I poured the salt into another bag put the king and his ripped bag in another bag and preceded to zip it up ripped.

I was covered in Cinnamon, salt and chicken by this time and the kids had most definitely lost interest in the plight of poor chicken Pharaoh. Mike and I managed to pull a different bag over the top of the other two and tape it at the bottom. I don't know if this is going to work. I sealed him up and put him in the plastic container that I bought. I think I will check him today and make sure that he is still totally covered in salt. We don't want our Pharaoh to rot. That would be bad.

Sorry no pictures quite yet. They are coming. I was a little preoccupied with the whole, raw chicken and spices everywhere to run and get the camera. But we have to clean him off, weigh him, and repack him next week and I will try and get it then.



Bill Curley said...

Do not blame Zip Lock for the tearing. It is a sign tha you did not perform the appropriate ceremonies during the process. Did you have palm fronds available? Did you try to beat up the embalmer during the process? Did you have any sand on the ground? And, what about the special scrolls (or cinnamon rolls for your dear old dad)? HUH??
Aton may not be pleased with your efforts, but good luck anyway.

Joni said...

I'm still marveling at your commitment to handle raw poultry. I couldn't be more proud. And I'm sorry but having been in similar situations, I am laughing at all the ripping, spilling, taping and potential chicken rot. Can totally visualize. CANNOT wait to hear the rest of this.
P.S. Doug & I do have a good friend who is a mortician if you'd like some tips.

mom said...

Ok, now this is rally interesting. Knowing your history with raw poultry :) makes this even more interesting. I am really hoping that the pharaoh does not rot and the mumification process succeeds. I didn't know that there was cinnamon involved. Does that help with the process or the smell? Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting the next step.

Keith said...

If only you could capture the wholeness of the project, visual, sounds, smells... classic stuff.

Definitely need to see the pictures.