Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time Flies

I just can't figure out what has happened to this week!! Man it has just flown by.

School has been smooth but I feel like I am immersed in Ancient Egypt right about now. It's good just gets me to feeling a little over whelmed at times. No biggie.

I had to run Faith to student group last night and figured I would just stop by the brand new super Walmart down the street from the church since I was there and do my shopping and then pick ms. Faith up when group was over. I haven't been grocery shopping at 7 o'clock at night with three tired children.....ever. So it was a little much but i got my groceries including my 9 containers of salt and the tasty and tender chicken pharaoh. I was not really in the mood for questions as to why I was purchasing 9 containers of salt, a chicken and a large plastic bucket, and thankfully I didn't get any.

I will post pictures tomorrow of the beginning of our mummification process!!



Keith said...

So are you going to wait two thousand years to open it up and see if it worked?

mom said...

I hate it when the cashier looks at you like you have green hair and says "what's all the salt for?" I can never think of anything to come back with, so I just explain that I am going to mummify a chicken, at which point, I am sure that my hair has turned blue by the look I get.