Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Work Out Day 2

Mike had a staff outing and had to be at the train station too early to work out with me this morning, but I went on my own. I am feeling pretty committed to this right now and that feels so good! I don't want this to become a burden or something that I have to do.

Mike bought me these really great ear buds for my mp3 player. Not only do they fit my super small ear holes, but they totally lock out all other sound!!! What better way to listen to the All American Rejects? (Which I highly recommend for keeping you going while your working out.)

And I am so glad I have them because there is this older lady who gets there right before me and takes control of the t.v. Now I am all for distraction while working out but her taste in shows while working out is not ideal. I mean old, old, old, sitcoms that really should no longer be on t.v. are not work out material, they are what you watch at midnight when you can't sleep and you need to!!!



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