Saturday, June 7, 2008

17-year emergence

Kentucky is having their 17-year emergence of these little guys this year. And just in case you haven't had the pleasure of meeting one of these little guys they are Cicadas.

Il had their emergence last year and living in the suburbs we weren't really affected so much. As a matter of fact when we found one last year it was a treat.

But where mom Jones lives in Kentucky, not so much a treat! These guys are soooo loud!!! And everywhere. My bug-a-phobe Faith didn't leave the house the whole first day for fear of running into one. Which wasn't a hard thing to do, since they were swarming everywhere and looked like little birds flying around.

I thought they were cool and considered catching one and bringing it home for the boys to see, but decided that may not be the best idea.

Faith's desire to see granny's horses over ruled her hate for bugs and she eventually did go outside.

And when they returned from seeing the horses Kylee had a tick crawling up her neck.

That was the end to the outside adventures for my city girls.

Also wanted to thank all of you for praying for my mom in AZ. She is home from the hospital as of last night and doing really great! She is going to have to be on dialysis for some time but she is feeling much better!


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mom said...

The cicadas are still singing (?) Actually, it sounds like space ships! Praise God for answered prayers-Hope your mom gets better and better-I will still be praying!