Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Todd

Kind of a strange day.

I have had lots of emotions today, and have been unsure of what I want to share.

Tonight I celebrated my friends 43rd birthday with his boys and his wife. He should have been with us.

Paula and I took the kids to Chuckie Cheese, where they had spent Todd's last few birthdays.

While there, Kylee and Jackson, such good friends, were paired off. They found a game that they had found a way to get A LOT of tickets out of. I didn't feel bad that they were bending the rules of the game a bit to get a lot of tickets, because let's face it Chuckie got his money tonight.

But here is the thing. After Kylee and Jackson got all of these tickets, and there were a lot of tickets, Jackson asked Kylee if they could take these tickets and go around to some of the little kids who don't have that many and give them away. Kylee said sure!

That is what they did. They gave every last one of them away!

You know who that is?

Todd Mitchell.

Oh my gosh, I just wanted to cry. That is Todd's legacy, he imparted to his children how to be generous, by living a generous life.

I am so proud of them and I know he is too.



Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the fun Chuck E. Cheese date tonight. It was a lot of fun! We wished that our Daddy would have been here with us tonight. We miss him so very much! Thank you for telling the great story about Kylee & Jackson. You're so right, it was so much like Todd...just generous, just fun, just a goofball!! I loved watching them all tonight, but especially K & J and seeing their delight in giving to others. I feel happy that we knew exactly what Todd would have done in that moment, but sad that I was a bit distracted. I loved the adventure of Sam and his socks (??), Luke and his 255 tix!! Who knew? Makes me laugh! So much like their Daddy--all of them! So he lives on through them and in us, too. Thank you so much for being with me tonight. Thank you for missing him and loving him, too. It means so much to me/ thank you. Love, Paula and the boys

Renee said...

Crying...Praising God for eternal LIFE...Still praying for Paula, the boys, and all of you. Missing my sister and looking forward to reunions
Mark, Renee, and the girls

Joni said...

no words

Mandy Corley said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I haven't checked your blog for a while (forgive me, girl) but I needed that tonight! What a wonderful reminder for me that my kids are learning SO much from who I am each day. Also, Kristen, what a blessing you are! I love your friendship to Paula! Something for me to strive for.