Thursday, October 16, 2008

Puppy School

Kylee and June Bug doing spelling.

Faith holding her baby while doing her science. This was such a cute picture but at the last minute she moved her ear and it blocked Faith's eye. GRRR.

Typical Junie pose.

And lastly while we were taking pictures of the baby, the big girl was sitting, waiting patiently for her picture to be taken.

She even smiled a little, but I missed it.

Then she got tired of it all and tried to go to sleep.



granny said...

Adorable pictures!! Junie B really steals the show. Jazzy is a sweetie though-good dog!

Anonymous said...

It always surprises me how much Faith looks like you. Now with today's picture of Kylee- boy does she look like her daddy!

kristen said...

That is funny Alicia, because everyone who sees them says the opposite! I always here that Faith is the spitting image of her father and Kylee more like me, and the boys definitely favor my side, my daddy especially!