Wednesday, October 8, 2008

With Seth's birthday fast approaching it is also the celebrated birthday of Harley.

And guess what Harley got for his birthday?

Yep, a harness. Doesn't he look pleased?

Any shred of dignity that a guinea pig may have was completely stripped away with this contraption.

And to top it off Harley isn't a big, how should I say this, mover. He just kind of likes to sit and eat, so while he is a great pet to hold and cuddle, he really isn't the most fun pet to have on a leash.

Seth was a tad disappointed, he had visions of taking his guinea pig on walks around the block, going for Sunday strolls with his little friend. All Harley really wants to do is, eat grass.



Bill Curley said...

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Anonymous said...

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Joni said...

I have visions of Seth taking Harley out for an afternoon drag.