Monday, May 21, 2007

Two Crowns for Kristen

Yeah, unfortunately not that kind of crown. I had to have two crowns started today on my back molars. The dentist I have been going to is very good and gentle but I still hate going there. I had two giant fillings in my two back molars and of coarse since they are so old they are cracked and needed crowns.

So after it was over and I was making the appt. to come back for the permanent crowns and a filling that i have to have refilled, the dental hygienist told me that they must have made a mistake, because this other tooth that needs to be refilled actually looks like it may need another crown or even worse a root canal!! But they won't really know till they get int here. I have a problem with that. Because really once they "get in there" what can you say????

No just leave the nerve exposed.


So I have to go back in a month and I am praying for just a simple refill. Heck at this point I would even take the stupid crown.

Today I am very numb and I have a feeling that this evening when the Novocain has worn off, yes I had to have that many shots, I am going to be feeling it a little. But Mike is home and good for some sympathy!!



Joni said...

#1 on my "things you don't want to hear from the medical profession": they must have made a mistake! (Bbbrrrrrr)

Yikes. Praying right now for as minimal work needed as possible.

mom said...

Honey-trust me-I know exactly how you feel. Most of my back teeth are crowned and several have root canals. Right now I am holding on to a filling in one of my "I" teeth that the dentist said was probably going to have to be a crown and a root canal-not if I can help it!!