Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Schooling Wrap-Up

Our school year is finishing up. In IL your homeschooling requirement is you have to have 180 days of school. We do not stop cold during the summer but do half days for a lot of the summer months. I have not in the past counted those summer days of school as official days of school. Therefore, even though we have done much more than 180 days this school year, officially, we have three days of school, this week, to finish up our school year.

After our 180 days are up we will take two weeks of rest and then start our summer session. We will do four day weeks and only work on Math, spelling, reading, grammar. But with our busy summer schedule, camp, and visits too and from relatives we will have lots of time off. I don't want them to get burned out and not get a break but I also don't want them to start all over again in the fall! It seems to work for us.

But the most exciting news is that the community pool opened this weekend so after they finish their morning work we are going to eat a little lunch and take a little break at the pool for a couple of hours before we work on our bird unit. I am totally spoiled by our pool. I don't have to take care of it, it is right up the street, and I can come and go as I like. This AZ girl is really itching to spend some quality time in the sun while the kiddo's swim!!

So, that is our week coming up.



Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that this Az girl and her family will be traveling to our hot desert oasis this summer?
-Alicia :0)

kristen said...

We are hoping to make it out there in August....but it isn't in stone yet!

Keith said...

August? I thought you were shooting for November?

kristen said...

Yeah, unfortunately August is as late as we can leave. Too much going on at the church. Exciting stuff, though so that is awesome.

Keith said...

I see how you are. You don't want to see your new nephew Smeigel. ;)

Actually the kids have proposed: Yoda, Baby Darth Vader, C3PO and Boba Fet.

We haven't seriously talked about it yet but so far the only ones that haven't been totally shot down are Christian and River.

Joni said...

More posts, more posts, more posts! Its been a week. Don't leave us hangin'! :0)