Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lots Going On

Where do I start?

A few years ago Mike's mom had surgery on her...brain. She did really great after the surgery and really hasn't had too many problems.

Until recently and now they are pretty sure she needs to have surgery to fix something they did the first time. I don't really know all the details but I do know that sometime next week she will most likely be going into surgery again. The girls and I are going to drive down to Kentucky and take care of her for a few days. I am looking forward to seeing her and making sure she is okay. The girls can't wait to go and take care of their granny.

I am going to be on a panel of women (talking about being a mom) for the three services this weekend at church. I am a little nervous and hope that I can say what God wants me to say.

I am a little behind in my school schedule which doesn't make sense to me because we should be ahead, since we have taken very few days off. But we did start later than the schools here so maybe that is why it feels like we are behind. Anyways I was hoping to be finished with the main curriculum the week before the kids leave for Az but it looks like we will still have three weeks to go. I was stressing but now I am not. I think we will just finish it up when they come back and start our summer math/science unit after that.

The kids all leave for AZ in 6 weeks. They will be gone for two weeks!

I have decided to give Faith a standardized test. I have never done it and gone back and forth on reasons to do it and reasons not. The not has always won. But this year I am looking at it from a new perspective. Feel free to correct me.

I think that Faith really needs the practice taking a standardized test. She will have to eventually. Whether it is to get into college or to take a class at the high school she will have to test. So it isn't because I don't think she is at or above grade level, because I know she is, and not to compare her to other children, because I don't need to do that, but to give her the experience of taking one of these tests in a friendly comfortable atmosphere.

Chicken Pharaoh is coming out of his salt captivity today. I hope he doesn't smell.

Josh has learned to snap. He is driving Seth crazy because he can't.

And it's going to be 80 today so we are going to the park!

I think that is it. For now



Joni said...

JD learned to whistle before Maddie. They're still working on the snapping. Sorry to hear about Mike's mom. Hope your trip is safe and uneventful. Chicken Pharoah--seriously, take video. I don't think that's a bad idea giving Faith some practice on test taking. When I took my securities exam, a lot of the training was learning how the test is laid out, how they ask the questions, getting used to that format. Its very valuable in that sense.

KeithJonesBlog said...

I agree, we need video of the pharoah, maybe in a Jeraldo Rivera and Al Capone's vault type fashion.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Let Faith take the test just to see what it is like. At least she won't have to go through what the public school kids go through with the whole testing thing. You know they have everyone teaching to the test now. Yuck!
A.J. :0)