Thursday, September 4, 2008

Move Over Ulrich

This is Joshi playing his new DRUMS!!!!

During our time running back and forth from the hospital with Todd we had lots of great friends help us out with the kids. I will never be able to thank these friends enough. They were a blessing to our lives. They allowed us to be with Paula and with our friend till the end.

One of the nights we weren't expecting to go back to the hospital, we had just returned home from the hospital, when we got the call that Todd had been air lifted to a hospital in Chicago. Mike and I, of course, wanted to meet Paula there, so we called Ms. Jen up and asked her if maybe her and her boyfriend Mr. Brad would come and stay with the kids, we didn't know how late we would be. They came, no questions asked, just came. What a blessing.

We got home really late, don't remember even what time it was but it was late, or early however you want to look at it.

The next morning Joshi jumped out of bed ran into our room and announced that he was going to buy Mr. brad's drums.


I asked him to tell me what he was talking about. He told me that he told Mr. Brad that he wanted to buy drums and Mr. Brad told him he had drums for sale.

One thing led to another and the next thing you know Joshi had offered to buy Mr. Brad's drums.

For four dollars.

Because Jen and Brad are so sweet they didn't tell him, that wasn't enough money, just that he was almost there.

In his mind, he was really almost there. He began telling everyone he was buying Mr. Brad's drums.

Well, last week Mr. Brad called Mike and was so excited, he found an old set of drums for Joshi!!

Mike came home and told Joshi that Mr. Brad had found him a set of drums!!! Then he told him he would have to pay for them though.

Joshi looked at Mike and said,"you will have to help me...." when Mike said,"they are four dollars!"

Joshi screamed,"Hey, I have four dollars!!!"

Very excited.

He loves his new drums. He thinks they are the best things ever.

I just thank God for the sweet people in our lives that love our kids, love us, and continually bless us.

Thanks friends!



Mandy Devine said...

So cool! Congratulations Joshi : )

Leeanne said...

Whoa! You have a few tough rockers in your family now. :) You guys are the best - who could helping loving those kids? Just tell Joshi that when he becomes famous, I have a Christmas card with his signature on it that will be worth millions!

Anonymous said...

I was so excited when Brad told me that he had found that set! He was excited to give it to Joshi and I'm glad he did. :) We'll have to come over and hear the progress and maybe Brad can teach him a few things.

We love you guys!


KeithJonesBlog said...

I love it! That's so awesome.

I tell you, I really hate the fact that we all live so far apart. But the next best thing is to know that you guys are surrounded by such a great bunch of friends.

Praise God for them!

Have a good time, Joshi! Torture your brother and sisters with hours of practice and it won't be long before you and Ky Hope are cranking out some high quality tunes.

Joni said...

Wow what are the odds?! To find a set of drums for exactly the amount of money Joshi had! God truly is miraculous!! ;) Aren't Brad and Jen the coolest?

granny said...

Joshi-can't wait to hear you play-you will have to get uncle charlie to give you some pointers too! I know that he would love to. Praise God for the wonderful people He puts in our lives! I imagine that Joshi is having a great time! I remember Charlie learning the drums. charge up the Ipod Mom!