Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tagged- 6 Random Things

My brother-in-law tagged me.

1. Post these rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 6 people at the end of you post (I’m making this optional to relieve any guilt, including my own for continuing this).
4. If you get tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag.
5. If you don’t do it, I will be crushed emotionally and will probably never recover from the rejection. Okay, maybe I will.

So here it goes. Six random things about myself.

1) I like mayonnaise on my french fries not ketchup.

2) I love to read but have no patience for unimportant details in a book and will skip pages to avoid them.

3) If I am going to wear open toed shoes my toe nails must be painted. No chips or cracks!

4) I love the smell of my little boys when they have been playing outside.

5) I joined the tennis team in high school not because I was good at it (because I really, really wasn't) but because I really liked the little tennis skirts.

6) Since taking typing in high school, I type constantly. Like when I am watching a movie, I will type lines over and over again on my leg. OCD? Maybe.

And one more just because I like the number seven more than 6. (That fact kind of makes it eight though doesn't it?)

7) I love to throw things away. It actually gives me pleasure. Sometimes I get in trouble for accidentally throwing away important stuff, like car titles. OOPS!!!

Let's see I need to try and tag people that I have not seen this on their blogs, okay how about, Mike, Mandy D., Mandy C., Leeanne, Jen b, and I would love to tag Renee but she did it only a bit ago so I won't make her do it again.



Anonymous said...

I am soooooo with you on the toenails! Aunt Becke said if your toes are going to show they must be done!

KeithJonesBlog said...

I am SO NOT with you on the french fries and mayo thing.

You definitely have issues. :)

Thanks for playing.

Bill Curley said...

Who or what could have possibly drawn you to liking Mayonaise on french fries? Could it have been a DNA thing from your Swedish heritage; I doubt it since the Swedes generally do not like such a combination. Maybe it was something from your early childhood thaqt you learned to emulate from one of your parents. Ah what a wise parent you have. Now try a peanut butter and mayonaise sandwich; yum, yum. Actually, you may find that the Dutch likes mayo on their french fries. Those are the people that live between the Irish and the Germans...

Mandy Devine said...

Interesting info...Already been tagged too...Check out my blog on July 28th...I was tagged by Renee. The only other fact I should have included was that I strongly dislike The Wizard of Oz...I think it should be banned and no child should have to sit through it : - )) But you knew that already...

Joni said...

I'm with you on the mayo thing. If I had to choose between ketchup and mayo, and I didn't think my arteries would clog immediately, I'd dip the fries in mayonnaise.

Renee said...

Mostly Mayo with a little Ketchup....Kinda makes Thousand Island.
I won't talk about my feet.

mom said...

AHA! A mayo person!! You know how I feel about mayo. :) BTW, my daddy loved mayo and peanutbutter sandwiches-is it a Navy thing? I really love a bologna sandwich with lots of mayo and dunked in a cup of coffee-YUM!

Anonymous said...

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