Sunday, September 14, 2008

College Part 3

I woke up this morning with this nagging feeling.

I kept thinking about that NAU application that I filled out and never submitted. I said it was the 25 dollar entrance fee that was holding me back.

That was a lie.

I couldn't figure out what it was that was holding me back.

I am really busy.

That was a good excuse.

But am I so busy I don't have time for self improvement, to finish something I started.


Well, I think one of the real reasons I was so reluctant to apply to this college was the whole Humanities degree. I loved humanities, when I was in college. I still love literature and art, music, and history, I just don't think I want a degree in it.

I woke up this morning with the idea that maybe NAU also offers an early childhood education degree on line. That is something I have pretty much dedicated my life to up to this point. And I have often thought that once my kids no longer need me to home school them it would be a shame that I couldn't share my experience or knowledge with someone else just because I don't have an official degree in it. Also, I took classes geared toward education while I was at NAU and ASU because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the humanities degree. I figured I would teach. So I am hoping some of those classes would go towards it as well.

And lastly, I have for a long time, been interested in a degree in social work or counseling, and am thinking maybe I could get a masters in social work once I have my BAS?

Don't know haven't looked that far into it yet.

But I did it!! I filled out the rest of the application and applied to NAU for their spring quarter as an online student!

We will have to see what they come back with. I did see that one of the requirements for the early childhood degree was an AA. I had all the credits for it when I left MCC but never applied for it :(

I think that was one of those cocky young adult moves, "I don't need an AA, I am going to get my BA!"

Ha! Oh well, if hindsight were foresight. Can you apply for an AA years after you completed the work?

So I am hoping maybe I will hear something this week.

Pray that God will bless it and give me direction.



Mandy Devine said...

Go for it girl! There are two areas I would look to you as an expert - early childhood education and parenting. Since parenting doesn't pay all that well, I'd go with education :-)) You're miles ahead of the rest of us already!

...boneless wings?? Anything for you!

Renee said...

Awesome! I have an associate in early childhood education. It was fun, the classes were interesting. I can tell you for certain that it would be a breeze for you. I have always been interested in the Social Services Degree myself! Way to continue your education!! Let me know how the on-line classes work for you. Mark took a lot of them and really liked it.
I'll be praying as you decide what to take.

Mike Jones said...

I'm proud of you kid! I know that you can accomplish anything. I also think you would do well in this area.

I'm here for you whatever you need... as long as you can still live at home and not in a dorm ;)

Joni said...

Way to go Kristen! You will totally ROCK the early childhood ed degree or any degree for that matter. You are scary smart and just getting the app in seems to be half the battle. Woo hoo for you!