Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Faith's Gone to Camp

Wow, this is really harder than I thought it would be. I just figured it would be like when the girls went to AZ for two weeks last year.

But it really is nothing like that at all. I let her spend the night at her friend Madison's house Sunday because her mom was going to take the girls to the bus at 7 in the morning on Monday morning. So I have not heard from her or seen her since Sunday after church. This is really hard.

I asked Mike yesterday if he thought she missed me and he said no. I think that is a bit harsh. But he is probably right.

We all wrote her letters yesterday so that she will get five today maybe or tomorrow. I think she will like that.

I think the hardest part of this is I am forced to accept the fact that she is really growing up. And she will probably be different when she gets back. I am sure that this will change her in some way. Most likely for the better.

And even though I know all of that, I am really missing my little girl right now.



Kathryn Egly said...

I saw them all off yesterday and they were so excited!!! I know they will have a great week.

They will be so busy and camp will go by so fast they probably won't have much time to think about home. Of all the kids I've taken to camp, only one got homesick.

SO be glad that she won't miss you - it means she is having a GREAT time and it also means you're doing your part to prepare her for the great big world :)!!!

PS - I got my password problem fixed!

jackie said...

While I totally agree with Kathryn's comments....I feel your pain. Just because our oldest kids are 11 years, they are still our "babies"! motherhood is bittersweet.

Joni said...

I totally missed home when I went to camp. Don't listen to them Kristen!

granny/mom said...

It is hard to believe that she is so grown up-wasn't she just born yesterday? I'm sure that this will change her some, being on her own, but you have taught her well! I'm sure that she will miss you at least some times, even if it is not all the time