Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer School Schedule

Well, we are two days into our summer school schedule and so far so good. It is funny because the girls have, on their own, set their alarm for 7 so they can get up get dressed, eat breakfast and start on their school early. I am ashamed to say that I was still asleep yesterday when they started their school work!!! I have it designed so that they shouldn't be spending more than about 2 hours a day on everything. They went a little over yesterday. I may have to shave down the work load if that continues. But after this week they will have two more weeks off for camp and the 4th of July weekend so not too tough of a schedule.

They really wanted to go to the pool yesterday so as a reward for finishing their work and doing it so well on their own we packed up and went. BBBRRRRR!!!!! Oh my goodness. It was so cold outside with the wind blowing, I hid under a towel, while the kids swam. They said the water was warm I wasn't about to try it.

But, we did have some fun park time with friends later on in the afternoon. Thankfully it was a little warmer by than.



Uncle Keith said...

yah, it was cold here too. About 112... in the shade.

It's a dry heat though... kinda like a blast furnace.

kristen said...

AHHHH a 112 in the shade I miss those days....

Cayla said...

Good for people to know.