Thursday, June 28, 2007

Joshi and the Two Bikes

This is Joshi and his bike. He loves to ride it. Unfortunately, it has two problems and they are called training wheels. He wants to be like the big kids. Also, we have found, from experience, that these training wheels that come on the bikes have a life expectancy. And once they go they really go.

I remember when Seth's came off. He was riding down the street and one wheel just flew off and kept going. Not a good thing for someone who is learning to ride. Unfortunately, Seth's bike was a little big for him to ride while just learning without training wheels, so luckily we still had Faith's first bike. We call it the teaser. Faith learned to ride on it, Kylee, well, she just jumped on it and rode it one day I don't think anyone had to teach her, Seth learned to ride on it, and now that we can see Joshi's training wheels getting wiggly he too will learn on the teaser.

Yes, it is pink and purple, but isn't pink the new black? Or something like that. Thank goodness he can't read yet because we would probably have a hard time getting him to learn on a bike called the "slumber party princess".

He is doing great on it though and I anticipate the training wheels coming off and him back on his real bike within the week. He rode for three houses with out me holding on to him!!!

Well, got to go and help Joshi!!!



Joni said...

Way to go Joshi!!!

JD learned to pedal on a pink tricycle that my husband surely thought would scar him for life. But he is now on a black & green monster bike chasing his sisters pretending to be a superhero or something. Just like a boy should I suppose.

granny said...

Surely, Joshi is not old enough to be riding a bicyle-is he? He is defintely growing up way too fast!! But, I am not surprised that he doing so good-he is, after all-an amazing child-just ask me-I'm his granny!!