Friday, June 8, 2007

Josh's collection

Here is the scene:

I am rocking out to Nickelback on my mp3 player while vacuuming the upstairs when I come to the boys room. Seth has been working on it for a while and made little progress. So I go in to help direct him. As I start to sift through the stuff I find three empty, but rinsed out clear plastic Popsicle wrappers. You know the flavor- pop kind. I immediately know Joshi is behind this. I call him up and when he sees them he says,"Those are for my collection!!"

Now having four kids I know that they all have gone through this collection stage. It's a hard stage for me. I love to throw stuff away. So much I often get in trouble with my man for throwing away the wrong thing. But I try to the best of my ability to respect the collection stage.

Joshi to this point has been collecting plastic. Anything plastic, milk tops, plastic stoppers, pen lids, you name it. But I really think that I need to draw the line on Popsicle wrappers.

Am I wrong here?



Mike Jones said...

One word... ants. I don't think any of us want to collect those.

My vote is nix on the popsicle wrappers... or milk jugs or whatever else he's got up there that at one point in time contained a food/liquid substance. :)

Bill Curley said...

Before you get rid of the treasures, you might want to watch the Antique Roadshow on television. If I had been allowed to keep my collections of various things (10 cent comic books; Bubble gum baseball cards, The Atomic glowing ring from a cereal company, Etc) I would be rich today rather than a poor pensioner. No matter what the trash is, you may be able to sell it to some dupe 25 years from now at a nice profit. The mummified ants might also be worth something by then as well.

Joni said...

Perhaps you could ask Joshi to trade in his plastic collection for a different kind of collection. That might ease the pain of getting rid of it. How about sticks? Could he collect sticks?

mom/granny said...

Ok-talking as granny here-as long as it is washed properly so as not to draw ants-let him keep it. He'll get tired of it. But as mom-wait till he is asleep and toss it!! You will have to decide which battle is the most important