Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Soooo, do you think that I can claim the late fines that I pay at the library as home schooling expenses?

I really have a problem with this. I don't know what it is. I even get email notification for when it is time to turn them in. I try to make them back on time or renew them but somehow it always seems to backfire on me.

Seriously, I have probably paid for new wings on at least three different libraries across the United States.

Do they have a support group for this?

I am really out of ideas here on how to get them back on time....



ms deb said...

I don't know how I would manage without my calendar. Just took a time management seminar and learned that all necessary things need to be in one location. Use the tools already there. Outlook calendar or a wall calendar. I prefer something I can carry with me. It's a matter of habit. When they tell you "the books are due two weeks from saturday..." write down has to be back by Friday. Also, the biggest issue (according to the seminar speaker here......) is discipline. :)

Anonymous said...

This coming from the girl who was always early for everything?
Perhaps if you went to the library the same day (schedule it in) every two weeks? That should do it.
-A.J. :0)

Bill Curley said...

The solution to this problem is fairly simple:

1. Stop borrowing books; or

2. Get rid of your conscience and never give any back; or

3. The real solution is to buy a cinder block (4"X8" will do). Suspend it from a rope in the middle of your front door so that the center of the block hangs approximately 5" from the ground. Now, when you have no books hang the cinder block to the side of the door out of the way. When you have books on loan allow the block to hang free. Every time you enter or leave the house, the hanging block will serve as a reminder that you have books that will soon need to be returned. Don't worry about forgetting about the block, because if you forget about it you could also smack your head on it..

I believe that you cannot deduct the fines as an expense.

Bill Curley said...

My finger slipped twice on the last entry. Substitute a brick size of 4 inches by 2 feet hung 5 feet off the floor.

Mike Jones said...

From the person who pays for the afore mentioned fines, I support any of the above ideas - though I still can't figure out how email notifications aren't working.

It might be cheaper to find the books used and start buying them. Then we could loan them out to others struggling with the same problem :)

Love you Kristen!

Keith said...

Used books are great and cheaper than the fines our library charges. I picked up six books the other day for under $10.

kristen said...

Soooo, what I think I am hearing, person who pays the fines, is it would be okay for me to buy 30-40 used books every 2 weeks?

Just thought I would check before I got on ebay :)

Joni said...

When you borrow the book, make a paper chain (ala countdown to Christmas)and everyday until its due, rip off a ring. The night before it is due, stand the book up in front of the door so when you open it, you will probably trip on it. Place it in the van and let that be errand #1--even before going to the pool. I know, its a sacrifice but you can do it.

And one thing, never EVER clarify or resist an offer to buy things. Take it run!

mom said...

It is hard for me to think that you might ever be late on something-but my solution would be to put the books where you have to step over them at least the night before and sticky notes EVERYWHERE!! Except, of course the computer, if email notification isn't working.