Friday, June 22, 2007

Quite the Tooth Week

It finally happened!!! Seth has been waiting for his first loose tooth for a very long time. And today he pulled it out!!

I have some tooth issues. I have never enjoyed the pulling of teeth and to this point have not pulled any of the children's teeth. It makes me want to hurl.

He has been begging his daddy to pull it for several days now but he kept telling him it wasn't ready.

Chicken, he didn't want to pull it either.

So today after lunch he decided it was coming out. I was reading my book and trying not to listen to the tooth goings on. But then I hear Kylee tell him it is really loose and he should go up stairs and pull it out. The next thing I hear is him running down the stairs squealing with excitement. I am thinking, "thank goodness it is over" when I look over at him and the tooth is still hanging there by a thread and blood is pouring from it.

Man, I can hardly even read what I just wrote....

Okay so then Kylee looks at him and says, "oh, that tooth really needs to come out now!"


I am kind of freaking out at this point because like I said before i really don't pull teeth out, and it's been kind of a traumatic tooth week for me as well if you might remember.

Well he just grabbed that tooth and yanked it right out!

And then we were all happy. I am still feeling a bit green but I think I will be okay.



Bill Curley said...

Doggoneit anyway! When I heard about the tooth I was preparing to pack my really rusty pliers and clamps so that I could help; now you spoil the fun by pulling it yourself. Ah well, maybe next time. Hope the Tooth Wizard provided some money for this wonderful find.

Uncle Keith said...

That's ridiculous, Kristen, you are such a wimp! Good to hear that Seth is turning into a real man :)


Joni said...

There's nothing quite like the bloody mouth of a little boy! Yep. Manhood.

granny/mom said...

That is one thing Sethie is-all boy! One thing that I noticed in the picture-man-does he look like his daddy!!