Friday, June 15, 2007

Party Time

It is the night of the big double party. Kylee's birthday is in a month but the girls decided that they would like to combine their parties this year and celebrate together.

They have a set of friends who are sisters that would have missed Kylee's party so that is the real reason they moved it up. So tonight we are having a party with 9 girls total. Faith and Kylee wanted the sleepover cake we saw in a Family Fun magazine so with a few modifications here it is. It's not a great picture. Well, the girls are about to arrive so I guess I must go.



Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job on the cake! Have fun with all the girlies.
-A.J. :0)

jackie said...

It was a darn cute cake. I love that you do such fun and creative things for your kids and their friends!!

Uncle Keith said...

Wow, that's... a lot of little tweenie girls in one spot.


mom said...

WOW-really cool cake!!