Monday, July 23, 2007

The Girls Leave Today!!

Today the girls leave for their trip to AZ.

I am missing them already!!

They will be gone for two and a half weeks to visit family. I wish we all could have gone. But I know the girls will have such a great time.

I still remember the summers that I went to stay with my grandma and how much fun it was. We never really did anything exciting, just hanging out was great.

So instead of being focused on sadness that they are gone I am going to channel that into preparing for the coming fall school year. I am hoping to have everything ready to go by the time they get back. We shall see. I am sure I will have a lot to write about once I get my new curriculum and start planning for it.


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Uncle Keith and the clan said...

Girls made it safe and sound. We made it to the resort but the water park got shut down because of lightning, so we will have to play in the water tomorrow.

Good times.

Thanks for letting us borrow the kids, I can't believe how BIG they are.