Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's a Dry Heat

After a half hour delay for take off and a packed plane ride the girls made it to AZ.

Their Aunt and Uncle and three and a half boy cousins have them for a week, then they will be spending ten days with my mom and dad.

I talked to the girls when their Uncle Keith picked them up from the airport and they were pretty ramped up.

When I asked Kylee how the plane was she said, "Hot!" I thought she must have heard me wrong and thought I meant AZ! (It was 103 with 70% humidity yesterday, they don't tell you about the monsoon season there do they? ) So I asked her again and emphasised "on the plane" she said again, "Hot!" I asked her why she didn't just turn the little air thing on herself and she said she couldn't reach it....I don't know.

But it is a tad bit funny because I tried to convince her to wear her sandals on the plane which she refused. She hates sandals and wears tennis shoes everywhere she goes. Her reasoning was that her feet get cold. (the real reason: you just can't run in sandals) So after realizing it was a losing battle and not a hill I wanted to die on I conceded and let her wear her tennis shoes. Funny, I have to wonder if, just maybe, she hadn't had those socks and tennis shoes on if she wouldn't have been a bit cooler on the plane.

Yes, these are the things I think about. That is what makes me a mom.



mom/granny said...

Yea, they don't tell you about the moonsoon season-which is a real bear!! Sort of like walking into a blastfurnace-sunna-yuck! Ky just a little strong willed when it comes to clothes? It's funny because, someday, you may not be able to get her into a pairof sneakers. Her Aunt Barbie had a pair of sandles that she would not give up-when grandma threw them away-she pulled them back out and they even had staples or tape on them-maybe she takes after her Papa's side of the familyjust a bit!! Praise God they got there safe!

Bill Curley said...

From my viewpoint (a rather small minority of people) sandals have quite a few drawbacks, especially in Arizona! Tennis shoes (Sneakers) afford just a tad more protection from the occasional vermin that may be around, some protection against stubbing toes, and are (in my opinion) much more comfortable to wear than sandals. (no dust, sand, or rocks around the toes). In reality, Boots are even more preferable and seem to be very comfortable when fitted properly. Sneakers and even boots are, as you have noted, better foot wear when engaged in almost any sporting activity or exercise in the outdoors. As for the warmer weather as effected by the increase in Humidity, I must agree that this is not the most ideal time here in Arizona; fortunately, it only lasts a little while, will allow the new roses I just planted a chance to survive, and aids in keeping the danger of wildfires under control. The other 9 1/2 months of the year of very nice weather make up for this small weather inconvenience.

Joni said...

Boots have GOT to give you some funky tan lines at the pool! However, I'm all for protection from vermin.