Thursday, July 19, 2007


I found this recipe for tortillas a couple of months ago and decided to try it. They are really good. When I first tried them I just rolled them out by hand. Problem with that was that I could not come close to rolling them out as thin as they should be. They were good but thick. One of the comments suggested using a pasta maker to roll them out.

Hmmmm... a Pasta maker.

That just sounded like something I needed in my kitchen.

So I found an inexpensive crank style one and made the purchase. The day I bought it I had no plans to make tortillas but fettuccine sounded good. So I tried it out. YUM!! And so easy.

Then a couple days later came the real trial. I made the tortilla dough and guess what? Perfect!! The tortillas came out flat as can be. Although, still weird shaped. I think that is just a time issue. I personally don't care if they are oblong or round so I didn't try and trim them. But if you are really worried about the shape I am sure that would be easy to do.

Also, the quantity does not match what the recipe says. I don't know how big they were making them to get 60, but even with them as thin as can be there were only a little over 20 tortillas.



Kathryn Egly said...

So sad I missed those on Friday night!!! I'm happy with thin or thick tortillas, round or oblong - it all works.

Joni said...

Gracias mi amiga!

I have been wanting a tortilla recipe. Thank you! Now I need to find my pasta maker. Hey--doesn't Kitchen Aid offer an attachment? Hmm.

Joni said...

P.S. I'm sure my Spanish is atrocious. Just following a theme.

mom said...

Hey, great use of a kitchen appliance-noodles and tortillas-very ingenious! I looked at the recipe-looks good. Did you notice that their picture did not show round tortillas either? Do you remember some of mine-for fajitas? Who cares if they are round? Too boring!