Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So my friend Paula and I have been reading a ton of historical fiction novels lately. I am embarrassed to say how many I have read in the last couple of months. People might think that is all I do. The truth is that I am a really fast reader and skim a lot.

Anyways, I got kind of obsessed with one author who writes a lot on Henry the eighth's court and the times surrounding him. Such great, great books. The author is Phillipa Greggory but she comes with a small warning. She is a fabulous writer but can get a bit graphic at parts. Let's face it Henry was not so innocent and she doesn't hold back at times. So if you can get past that her Boleyn books, and books about the queens are awesome.

But, then the other day Paula asked me if I had ever read Memoirs of a Geisha. Okay, I skipped the book and saw the movie when it came out a few years ago and I have to say I remember not loving it. But I decided to stop my little Henry obsession for a couple of days and give it a read. I just finished it. It was EXCELLENT! I loved it.

I will have to see the movie again and see what it was I didn't like about it. The book is so worthy.

If you have never read it or you just saw the movie or it's been a while since you have read it pick it up, it is totally worth it.



Kathryn Egly said...

Is that completely fictional, or based on a true story? I thought the movie was sad, but very interesting.

My favorite things to read are biographies. I just finished reading Ronald Reagan's autobiography. There is so much you can learn from the lives of great men and women in history!

Now I'm reading "Sex God" by Rob Bell - COMPLETELY different than the biography I just finished, but VERY GOOD!!!!!!

kristen said...

The characters are fictional but the history around them is true.

I have been wanting to read "Sex God". I loved "Velvet Elvis". He writes like he is talking to you. Very easy to read. Thanks for the recommend!!

Joni said...

It is RARE to find a film that represents a book well. And how can you really? There is so much nuance in a book that can't possibly be included or you'd have a 5-6 hour movie. Do you remember if the movie was representative of the book? Did they change some characters or the ending?

Kathryn Egly said...

As I'm reading "Sex God" ... I would highly recommend it to parents who have children entering those exciting years of junior high and puberty and all that fun stuff!!

This book gives a great portrait of how God views sex! It's a great tool to get you thinking about how to talk to your kids about the subject!!!