Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Return of Faith

I took a little blogging break for the weekend. Lots of stuff to talk about but I won't dump it all in one post. The most exciting thing is my girl came home!!!

Mike brought Faith home Friday evening around 6pm. Man did we all miss her. She had a great time. I am glad she went. She is going to be posting stories and pics, here in the next couple of days.

She really is a great kid. She always has been really mature but since she came home from camp she seems even MORE independent. That is a good thing. But she did assure me that she missed me a lot while she was gone. I don't know how true that is but it feels good to believe it so I am going to.

Now that Faith made it back alive Kylee hasn't stopped talking about going to camp next year. I hope that will be an option for her.

Wow, if both girls are gone and the boys are, oh I don't know let's say, visiting Nana and Papa in AZ, than Mike and I would be alone...Huh.....

Is it wrong to go on a cruise while your children are at camp?



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mom/granny said...

You will have to go on a cruise, because it is nice for the first day or two and suddenly, your house is like a tomb and you have to go out and say-shop-to get away from the quiet-be there-done that!

Joni said...

Wherever you go, bring birth control. That's when it always happens.