Friday, March 21, 2008

Harley Gets a New Hair Doo

I walked upstairs and entered my room. I looked around and something seemed amiss. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I had a feeling something had occurred in this room.

The first thing I spotted was a broken black crayon on the floor by my bed spread. The thought did cross my mind that my black and white bed spread does look a bit like a coloring book. But nothing there.

Then I looked on my dresser and notice my jewelry box pushed to the edge of the dresser. This was enough evidence to convict.


They ran upstairs and I began the interrogation.

"Why were you in my room?"
(This is really the best way to start, If you ask who then you are just opening yourself up for problems. Skip the who and go right to the why.)

Seth- "It was Josh he was playing with stuff in your room."

Josh- "Na uh I saw Seth he was in here too."

Me-"Okay, okay, why were you guys in my room"

Seth- "Josh took something"

Josh-"It was Seth he was in here too he touched the mirror"

Seth-"I was just looking for a brush for Harley!"

(This is where I was so shocked and about to burst out laughing that I had to ask them to leave. )

A brush for Harley. So many questions come to mind. Of coarse the first is why he was looking for a brush for his guinea pig. But coming in as a close second would have to be, why, in the world, he was looking for a brush for his guinea pig in my room!!! When I regained composure I asked him to refrain from using anything in my room on his guinea pig.

It kind of reminded me of that Seinfeld where Jerry drops his girlfriends tooth brush in the toilet but doesn't tell her and when she finds out she tells him she had put something of his in the toilet and he goes crazy trying to find out what it was.

Yeah that is how my mind works.



granny said...

Little boys are such a joy to raise-huh mom? You NEVER know what they are going to come up with-but it totally makes sense to them!

Bill Curley said...

I am really quite suprised that you, of all people, would be so callous and unfeeling as to not to share something that would enhance and improve one of your children's pets. What's a brush between friends? Be careful since the ASPCA (or even PETA) may notice your lack of care for Harley; this may seem to be close to abuse. Here's hoping that others won't notice how ratty Harley appears without the brush.

Mike Jones said...

It also reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer uses Jerry's hand towels to clean his meat slicer and Jerry gets a weird rash on his neck and face.

You should also note that no Guinea Pigs were harmed in this scenario.

Leeanne said...

Kristen, I love reading your blog! It cracks me up so much, and I love being able to connected to your family because I love you guys! Your words make me excited for the day when I can be a wonderful mom and wife like you are. :)
Give my love to Mike and the kids.

Joni said...

So when does Harley get a crowder?