Sunday, March 16, 2008

Faith's Recital Video

Here is Faith's recital video. She was super nervous but did such a great job. She of coarse thought she messed it up horribly but we just kept telling her that everyone makes mistakes while they are playing and she did such a great job continuing on.



KeithJonesBlog said...

Man! Faithy, that was AWESOME!!! As a veteran of piano recitals, I can tell you that you did WONDERFUL!! That's a long song, but you did great through the whole thing.


Joni said...

That was FAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!! And Faith I hope you notice on the video how HUGE a smile Karen has on her face. She is obviously very proud of you. Nice job girly!!

granny said...

Sweet Faith-not only are you an incredibly beautiful young woman-but you are so talented. Granny has played MANY recitals and I know
that they are terrible to get through, but you did an awesome job and kept going-Great!! It was beautiful and I just wish I could have been there in person.