Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

So it's Wednesday, and it has been a very busy week!

My good friend Paula had a birthday (happy birthday friend!) as well as her twin boys (born on her birthday seven years ago). Her oldest son had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and so they had all their birthday parties this week. I told Paula I would make their birthday cakes for them, for their parties, as a present to her, for her birthday.

I bet you can't guess what the first party's theme was?

It seemed like such a simple cake but it gave me the hardest time. Partially because I insisted on using the yummy frosting that is really horrible to work with. Partially because after I finished the logo I didn't realize that my decorating bag was dragging across the cake and wiped it entirely off the cake :(

The second party had a pirate theme. We found the cake idea on The pirate ship was no problem but I had read that it was difficult to keep together so I created an ocean out of a sheet cake for it to sit in. It was so easy and very cute. Lukey, one of the birthday boys, wanted to contribute his shark to the ocean so that was very fun!!

I loved giving this special gift to the boys and their mom! It was fun and I hope they all know from it how special they are to me and my family!!

I will post pictures of the pirates cake when I get them.



Anonymous said...

My dear friend!! It was such a labor of love that football. Thank you so very much for the best gift(s) ever!! Me and my boys and their friends (and their friends' moms) were "WOW-ED" by these creations. The football colors were perfect and the taste of the yummy frosting was really well worth the annoying parts! (to me, anyway!) We really enjoyed hanging out and watch you create these masterpieces. I'm so very grateful that you agreed to do this...and I still think that a cake business is in your future. Remember that Faith and I agreed to be your customer service reps so you focus on the artsy part. I think that everyone who sees these will agree how talented you are at this! Again, SO many thanks from the Mitchell Birthday Party Headquarters! You are da Bomb!!! Love,

KeithJonesBlog said...

Sweet. I can see it now...

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