Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Old Schoolhouse Planner

I was given the opportunity recently through The Old Schoolhouse, to review a couple of home schooling products and write reviews. This was such a great thing for me because I got to try out a some great new products that I may not have thought of trying before!

The first was this. It is a planner for home schooling parents, but really it is a planner for every parent! I love this planner and am excited about using it this coming year.

I love that it is an E- book. I like that I can browse through it and decide what I want to print out and only print out what I will use. A lot of planners that I have used seem to have pages of useless stuff that just remain empty and seem like such a waste, while not having the pages that I could really use. This is not a problem with this planner.

And the people who came up with this thought of everything! There are pages and pages to choose from, including fun recipes, calendar pages with big blocks for writing in dates and appointments, forms for everything, and charts that any parent would love to have at their finger tips. A lot of thought went into the planning and producing of this planner.

Check it out!!


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