Thursday, August 21, 2008

Todd Mitchell- Blessings

God is good.

This has not been an easy statement for me the last few days.

I have been very angry. I could not possibly see how God could clean up this mess. How He was going to make this "good".

But now as I am moving through this grief tunnel, I am amazed at all he is providing.

You can see God all over Paula and her boys. They are sad, but they have peace. I know they are going to struggle over the coming months but God is walking with them. I am amazed at the strength I see from her and the boys. It is so clear. I am amazed and in awe.

The blessings that are surrounding them are amazing. Here is just one. In the hospital Paula asked me to try and locate a counselor that Jackson used to have. I put our good friend Terri on the case. She is scarey good at finding people and information. She couldn't find him. The night that Todd passed, Paula got in the car and there was a message on her phone. It was from this counselor she hadn't spoken to in a couple of years. He was going into private practice and wanted to let her know! That's God for you.

And there are many more stories. But what sticks out most in my mind, what kept running through my head the whole time Todd was in the hospital were in the weeks proceeding his passing, he had some very, very, special moments with his family. Don't get me wrong Todd was a phenominal father. Really. But he was also the President of Castrol of North America! Yeah, he was busy. But the weeks before he passed he took his boys to their first Bears football game, he went on a fun family weekend with his family, and he baptized his son Jackson. I cry every time I think of that. I praise God for those gifts to his boys.

God is good.



mom said...

God is good. Thank you for reminding me by sharing this wonderful things.

Renee said...

I know the peace you speak of...It is a peace that passes ALL understandng.
Thankyou for sharing these beautiful moments with us. It helps me know better how to pray for Paula and her precious sons.
Grief is such a difficult process. It's different for every person who experiences it.

But "We do not greive as the heathens do" for we have a precious saviour who holds us up and gives us strength and Peace.

Praying for All

Brandi said...

ok, I am crying again. Thank you for this post. God is good and it is so amazing to know that even though bad times will come He will always be there to comfort us. I am so glad Jackson will have someone he is comfortable w/ to talk to. What a blessing.
I love you guys and wish so much that I could be there to wrap my arms around you and your kids. I am sorry that I can not but I have wrapped you in pryers and will continue to do so.
love, B

LauraOM said...

Thanks Kristen. This post was great. Everyone here in Zambia that I work with is praying. Please give the kids big hugs for me and tell Paula that I'm praying for her and the boys. Love ya

Renee Lewis said...

Praying for all today and tomorrow as you attend services.