Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lots of stuff going on. If you don't follow Mike's twitter or his blog go here.

I will write more when I can.



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Renee said...

Father God,
In the name of Jesus Christ, in whom we trust, we are asking that you move right now in a powerful way for Todd and Paula! Lord you are the healer, come and heal. Touch Todd, your servant, with your mighty hand and restore his body to full strengh in Jesus name. You raise the dead, and heal the soul, you are our only hope and source of strength! No one knows better than you what your servant is experiencing. Touch is body Lord. Father I ask for wisdom for the doctors involved. Every person on his case. Give them eyes to see the problem, medicine and knowledge to respond to his illness. Fill his hospital room right now with armies of heavenly hosts to offer comfort and support for His family and friends. Let everyone who enters his room feel your presence and know that you are the God who recues and saves. From the patient to the docters, nurses, friends, housekeepers, church body. May your power spill over into the doorways and halls of the hospital where he is at. Let your mercy and grace be evident to all. We give you praise and glory. We trust in your ways. Father may lives be touched in the process, hearts restored, families strengthened, hope renewed.

I pray for Paula and the rest of the family. Comfort them. I pray for Mike and Kristen as they stand in the gap for their beloved friends. Lead them, give them words and silence at the appropriate times. Understanding that is not of this world.
We trust you Lord! We beleive that your ways are higher than ours. Your understanding greater than ours. Hold these people in the palm of your hands.
Thankyou Lord for hearing and responding to the crys of your servants.
In the almighty name of Jesus Christ we pray,

Mike and Kristen,
We are praying for you. My children are praying right now. Our church leadership is praying for you. Love you!
Mark, Renee, Sarah, Kyndall