Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lessons I Learned Today

I learned some important lessons today while taking the two dogs to the shot clinic for their shots.

1. A "cheaper" vaccine clinic may not actually be cheaper.

2. Jasmine gets very excited around a lot of other dogs who are all barking at the same time.

3. Little boys get very excited around a lot of dogs who are all barking at the same time.

4. Jasmine should have her toe nails clipped before going anywhere she may get excited.

5. I should never,NEVER wear flip flops when taking aforementioned excited dog to a shot clinic.

6. "This will only take a minute"does not apply to and should not be said when taking two dogs and four kids to a dog shot clinic.



mom said...

Oh my, Honey-do you have any toes left?! My dogs always get really excited when going anywhere that reeks of vet.

Renee said...

This is another reason why I don't own a dog!

Joni said...

hahahahaha I'm sorry, I've so been there. hahahahahahah Never thought about the flip flop thing. Good tip!