Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well Checks

Busy morning today.

Took the girls to their well check appointments this morning.

Kylee has a possible UTI again. We had no idea.

I didn't expect it and was leaving the office when the nurse came out and said there was blah blah and blah blah in Kylee's urine. Whatever that means. She said they were sending it to the lab and would call. Usually they put her right on an antibiotic, so I don't know if it was the same as usual. She said it could have just been a contaminated sample. I am praying for that.

I've about had it with this. Although, it has been almost a year since her last. I think maybe we need to revisit the tests they took when she was little. Maybe have a different doctor look at the tests and see if they see anything different.

Faith has to have a back x-ray for curvature of her spine. They have been watching it and aren't too worried but want to have the x-ray for watching purposes, I think. She didn't seem to think it was bad enough to result in a brace.

Other than that they were healthy. Faith was 5 foot 1 1/2 inches tall. She was delighted to hear that. Only an inch and a half shorter than me. And then the doctor told Kylee that she thought her top height would be about one inch taller than me. Another happy customer.

It's funny, I remember thinking when they were babies that things like going to the dr. would be so much easier when they got older.

It's not.



Colleen said...

Kristin,Look into the UTI more.  As women we are allowed 2 UTI's a year.  Girls should have them less frequently.  Bubble baths can cause UTI's in little girls, so they shouldnt have them often. Definetly look into it more, because she shouldnt be getting them as often as she does.  Do you remember if they said anything about finding protein in her urine?

kristen said...

Oh, I have looked into this quite a bit. I am frustrated with the med. community and about ready to look into other options. She has not taken any bath since she was three!! We did discover that she may have a problem with completely draining the urine and a dr. suggested her peeing backwards on the toilet and that has taken the infections down to what we are at now which is about twice a year.

I don't know about protein but I am assuming you are thinking diabetes. I do have a family history of adult onset diabetes so I know they check me and the kids. But maybe I should ask them more about that. I agree that she has too many UTIs and I am thinking we need to revisit some of the initial testing they did when she was little. I am open to any ideas. I think what bothers me most is that she has no symptoms. She has no pain at all from these.