Thursday, July 31, 2008

Second Lesson Learned This Week

This has just been a week full of lessons for mommy!

Last night some friends of ours invited us over for a bbq, swimming, and water volleyball, followed up by some cards.

Mike and I packed up the kids and puppy and drove over to their side of town excited about our evening.

The kids had a blast swimming. They have a great in ground pool that has a deep diving area. The kids learned to dive and had so much fun.

We ate and played and had fun.

The kids got out of the pool and the adults played a little water volley ball, while the kids were ball boys/girls.

I got tired and cold and got out. Seth got out and said he had a headache.

Hmm. Seth isn't a big complainer. I figured he had had too much fun and we got him a motrin for his head. Figuring he probably hadn't drank too much, he was probably a bit dehydrated I offered him a sip of water and he said no.

Uh oh. This is where my instincts said pack up and leave. This kid isn't feeling right. But instead we had him lay down for a few minutes, hoping his headache would ease up. After a little bit I checked on him and he didn't look good. I got him up and started to get him ready to go when I looked at him and realized he was going to hurl. Of course we were by the door, and no where near the bathroom.

We started to run but it was too late. Also the door to the bathroom was open and blocking the currently closed toilet, so really the wall behind the toilet and the closed toilet got the brunt of the damage.

There really is no way to explain in words what the scene looked like. It was absolutely horrible. For just an instant I thought of taking a picture because I knew no one would ever believe just how bad it was. But then realized I was covered in vomit as was my kid and my friends bathroom and I skipped the picture idea.

I need to note here that i understand that i have a tendency to exaggerate, but I am in NO way exaggerating here. There was so much vomit covering the bathroom, I didn't know what to do.

Mike cleaned up the living room, floor, walls, door etc (thank God for wood floors), and I started on the bathroom.

Poor Seth. He had to be stripped down to his underwear, I wrapped a towel around him and Mr. Dave gave him his shirt. Thanks Dave!

After quite a while I got it to the point, where I could let Mike in to help me start on cleaning the walls. Then I completely lysoled their entire bathroom.

Seth by this time was feeling much better. We got him in the car and headed home. Jess, a dr. in training, told us to stop and get him some gatoraid because he was probably dehydrated.

We stopped at the Walgreens down the street from our house. It was 10:01, the lady literally locked he door on Mike's face. Nice. We won't be doing any "Gee, isn't Walgreens the most helpful store!" commercials.

I showered Seth (had to be done) and got him in bed with his vomit-bowl while mike ran out for gatoraide.

He of course felt fine by this time. Headache gone, no stomach ache. Slept like a rock all night.

I, on the other hand, dreamed of cleaning vomit covered bathrooms all night.

Lesson here? Trust your instincts mom! You may not always be right and seem a little kooky but it will save you from situations like this.

I need to send some kind of card, gift, paint, new bathroom to give these friends of ours, any suggestions?

Oh, and Seth, he is great this morning and calling me right now from his bed because he is starving.



Renee said...

I saw Mikes twitter feed last night and knew that one of the boys were sick! Imediately began praying for you and actually thought about calling wallgreens and complaining!
My imediate thought was...Did the boys go to the girls docters appt? My kids look like hostages in the doctors office because I do not let them move or touch any magazine or toy. While all other kids are playing and slobbering on everything my kids are sitting still with gloves and face masks on!)
You should really send them a T-shirt! "I survived dinner with the Jones."

kristen said...

Hey Ne! Thanks for the prayers!! That is too funny because one of my first thoughts was,"and I didn't even take them to the stupid dr. office today!"

But it turns out he isn't ill it was just lack of water and a pretty bad headache. But he is hamming it up today.

And I love, love, love, the t-shirt idea!! I'll have to work on it.

KeithJonesBlog said...

I like Renee's idea for the present. Maybe we could print up a whole batch of them and split them. :)

I feel for you on the story. Man, that had to be a little awkward. Don't think you are going to be getting a dinner invite from ANYONE for a while after THAT story gets around.

Oh the joys of parenthood...

It's like one of those beer commercials... "it doesn't get any better than this!"


That's right, another blog post for a comment from UnKle Keith!

Take that Mike!

Did HE tell you about the time he yacked all over MY sleeping bag?

kristen said...

I think we should definitely have the shirts printed and split them. Charlie and Stacy may need some some day as well... Maybe we can get them in bulk.

Yes Keith, he has told us about "the too many dough boys incident"

Also told us the story of the house know the one.

"Oh no Keith you didn't!"
"I did!"

I won't say anymore :)

Mandy Devine said...

I can't even imagine how I would have handled that one - not well I'm sure...I'm still living under the delusion that my child will never hurl. Stop, don't say anything - just let me live here a little while longer! 3 years old and so far so good: )

Go with the t-shirts - great idea Renee.

And Kristin - have you checked out my blog??? I'm back ; )

sandy said...

I am glad the little guy is feeling better! So glad it happened in the house rather than in the car. We as moms know that when its gotta come up ~~ its coming. I suggest another evening of fun - swimming,bbq, cards and um - some of those fantastic lemon bars!

kristen said...

Sandy!! Thanks so much for your whole family's kindness and hospitality! And if you all will have us again we will be there!


mom said...

Been there, done that. Sounds like he got a little dehydrated and it throughs the whole system out of whack. BTW, it wasn't JUST dough boys-there were some marshmellows in there too!

reuben said...

poor guy, i know how he feels: i suffer from a more than occasional migraine. your description is pretty dead on accurate to the stages of migraine i go thru as well, well with the exception of the bathroom escort. glad to hear he's better, hopefully it was only just dehydration, i wouldn't wish migraine on anyone!

Charlie said...

HAHAHAHA!!! You guys kill me. " dough boys and marshmallows, Keith you didn't, I did!" Memories.