Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We keep telling her there is no going back now. She has officially hit the double digits today! Kylee is 10!

What a gorgeous kid, in every way. And Kylee has also been saving up her money. But not for a puppy. Kylee has her heart set on an electric guitar that she found in one of her dad's music mags.

And ever since she found it she has been saving and drawing.

Yes, drawing. She draws guitars everywhere.

She is going to be a rocker like her dad. So Friday her daddy is going to take her down to Guitar Center and she is going to buy her electric guitar.

The part she is most excited about is the whammy bar.



granny said...

10?! Just yesterday-she was 2, it is so hard to believe she is 10. Ky you are beautiful-rock on Star Eyes! Can granny be one of your groupies?

Doug said...

G.A.S. comes early...........

Na Na said...

Happy Birthday Joshi and Kylee!
They are all growing so fast! Just like mine!

Unkle Keith said...

That's just awesome!

Happy birthday Ky-Hope.

What a great kid, we all miss you a ton!