Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coloring Fun

So, yesterday as I was at the bank with the kids they noticed the bank was having a coloring contest. As I reached up to give each kid a sheet, a memory came flooding back. Here it is

When I was in high school I had some great friends. We were a pack of girls that hung out together all the time. We loved to hang out at parks and swing and color. Yes, I said high school. And since I lived right down the street from the high school my friends and I came home to my house every day for lunch. My mom stocked the fridge and cabinets for Alicia, Renee, Angel, and I so that we could eat there. Every day. My parents loved doing it. Thought it was great to have the kids in the house before and after school. They knew that if I was there with my friends then they knew where I was. I understand this concept as a parent now.

My dad especially loved having all my friends there and thought of them as his daughters. So one day when he was at the grocery he saw they were having a coloring contest. And knowing that we loved to color he picked up some sheets. He also knew that we were too old to enter the contest so he brought the sheets home and told us that he would run his own little contest and if we did our best and turned them into him he would judge and decide the winner. And being the goofy 15 year olds that we were we went along with it.

So we did our best, I mean we really put our heart into it. We took it very seriously and got a little competitive. Then we turned them in to him.

You can imagine our surprise when we walked into our drivers ed class the next day and saw there on the wall our four coloring sheets up on the board. My dad had taken them down to the school and given them to our favorite teacher. Mr. Adler. He was a riot. And he loved a good joke. So he took the pictures and put them up in the class. He explained to the class what had happened how we had "entered" this coloring contest and then had his classes vote on which was the best.

Yes, it was humiliating. But only for a moment. Mostly it was just fun. And what a great memory. I don't remember who won. I am guessing it was Renee since she was an artist, but I am sure that I thought I got robbed at the time. Yes I was competitive even then.

As I told this story to Mike this morning he laughed so hard he cried. then I called my dad and all I had to say was I got the kids coloring sheets for a coloring contest....and he was laughing hysterically.

Thanks for the laugh Dad.



Keith said...

Classic. Go Bill!

Anonymous said...

Ok. That is hilarious! How come I don't remember it? Is it my selective memory or what?
Bubbles. Don't forget the bubbles!
-A.J. :0)

kristen said...

Alicia!!! Seriously you don't remember???? You must have blocked it out. Ask Angel and Renee!!


Bill Curley said...

Everyone has considered me to be frivolous with little serious or meaningful content. But, see they were wrong. The mentioned activity was, in reality, an intense exercise to discover your true capabilities. Alicia's loss of memory may have been due to an encounter with a snowball; but, why bring up old victories? By the by, I heard that our local food store is now sponsoring a coloring contest. Any takers??

Renee said...

I cried the entire time I read this message! -One of my favorite memories Of course I remember this, not only did I win, but your mom even gave me some type of award. I don't remember what it was, but it was the first award I ever received for my art.

Thanks for carrying on the tradition,
Renee (Ne)

kristen said...

You are absolutely right Renee!!! Mom did give you an award!!! I don't remember what it was either but once you said that I do remember that. Now that my loss of the contest is so far away I can say that your picture was the best :)

Joni said...

Competitive? Really?

What'd you do, steal the crayon sharpener?

Jennifer in TX said...

I thinked you missed one. Long time no talk to you! I have been reading your blog off and on through the summer.

It sounds like you have a great family and are having a good time homeschooling.

I completely have no memory of a coloring contest, but I do remember you getting an Oreo wedged in your mouth sideways :)

kristen said...

Sorry Jen didn't mean to leave you out!!! I was focused on the coloring contest but you had your fair share of lunches at the Curley's didn't you??? And yes I remember the oreo too, but, not one of my finer moments!!!

jennifer in tx said...

Oh yes I remember many fond memories of time at the Curley house. I enjoyed looking at your Dad's blog too